Minutes Thu 7 Nov 1776

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Thu 7 Nov 1776


Mr Beswick’s proposals for cutting rejected as more than the present price.
Cutters to back up Mr Martin’s Bridge and Moor Street Bridge when water let into canal.
Several sorts of clay have been tempered and are now drying. Two may be suitable for brick making.
Mr Bough to make sand bricks at 11s 6d or 12s per 1000.
Mr Lingard to be in charge of the cutting and let lengths of it out to men or sets of men. But they must clear up what they have done before they move past Bristol Road
Advert for good timber to be placed in Shrewsbury Journal.
Grazebrook and Lingard to consider buying a vessel to berth at Framilode next week.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 7^th Day of November 1776
Present: Thomas Baylis, Timothy Lewis, James Winchcombe, Robert Ellis, John Hollings, Benjamin Grazebrook, Durley Wintle, Thomas White.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r William Wrights Bill Value nine Guineas is ordered to be paid and that M^r Lewis be desired to send the draught to Tho^s Weston Esq^r of Warwick.
No answer yet received to the Letter, plan, etc, sent to M^r Baxter.
No answer to a Letter sent to M^r Sheward about his Scantling of Oak Timber.
M^r Beswick Attended an Extra Meeting on Friday Last, his proposals for Cutting were rejected, being more than the present price.
M^r Arundells boreing Tools are too dear for the Company to purchase.
M^r Stocks Bill, being now received from London regularly Tax'd and reduced to the Sum of £135..2..7 is ordered to be paid.
M^r Winchcombe is desired to waite on M^r Phillips to agree with him on the purchase of his Land. Particulars of the Land wanted in the Canal to be drawn up by M^r Lingard, and given to M^r Winchcombe.
The Agreement with the Cutters to back up to M^r Martins Bridge will be made with them by M^r Lingard on the Terms of the former Order.~~also the backing of Moorstreet Bridge, when the water is let into the Canal.
The several Sorts of Clay has been tempered, and are now drying; some has been tryed at the brick Kiln; there are three kinds of Clay. M^r Lingard is of Opinion two will answer the purpose. ~~ He has sent to M^r Hassell but cannot be certain if it came to hand.
M^r Martins Bridge no being begun, the Calculation cannot be made till it is finished.
M^r Lewis has wrote (this evening) to M^r Lewis for the price of his Oak Timber at Purton Passage.
M^r Bough proposes to make and burn Stock or Sand Bricks, hard and good, finding all materials, such as the Company shall approve of at the Rate of 11^s6 or 12^s per Thousand.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrook do Agree with M^r Bough the abve terms.
M^r Lingard is Ordered to take the whole of the Cutting of the Canal under his imediate inspection an care; to let it out in several parcells to a man, or setts of men, as he shall see it for the Interest of the Company and expediting the work; and further that the Cutters are not to be put on this side of the Bristol Road till they have Cleared up and finished all the work they have undertaken from Framiload to the said Road, measure of and make a ballance of the whole of their work.
M^r White is desired to write to Owner Field of the price of Oak Timber at Shropshire, and what it may be delivered at Framiload. and Likewise that an advertisement be inserted in the Shrewsbury Journal for proposals to be sent to Jos: Grazebrook at what prices they will deliver good Oak Timber at Framiload from 9 Inches to 18 or 24 Inches Girt.
Mess^r Grazebrook & Lingard are ordered to examine and gett persons to look at a Vessell which is to be at Framiload next week, and if worth the money to buy it for the Company.
Drawn a Bill on the Treasurer for the Sum of four hundred pounds.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 21^st Instant at Ten of the Clock in the forenoon at the George Inn at Witmister.

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