Minutes Thu 10 Jul 1777

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Thu 10 Jul 1777


Mr Keck to write to William Price re non-delivery of timber needed for first lock.
Table of penal clauses to be set up by house at Bristol Road.
Mr Bough produced plan for sea wall at Framilode. Advert to be placed in Gloucester Journal for 3 weeks asking for proposals to build sea wall.
Articles for building locks at Chippenham Platt signed by Messrs Bough and Edge.
Whitminster Mill Pool to be widened by Robert Perry.
Warrant applied for arrest of William Morris for stealing coals in January.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 10^th Day of July 1777
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis. James Winchcombe, Benjamin Grazebrook, John Hollings, Robert Ellis, Durley Wintle, Richard Bigland.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
M^r W^m Price not having delivered his Timber agreeable to his Contract, it is Ordered that M^r Keck be desired to Write to him, that the Company expect he will deliver the Timber at the work for the first Lock immediately and also provide the Timber for another Lock, or otherwise the Company will take the proper measures to enforce him.
Mr Phillips's Land not being mow'd, deffer'd the Consideration to a future Day.
M^r W^m Clutterbucks Land not paid for, his Acc^t not being produced.
Ordered that the Abstract of Sundry Penal Clauses in the Act produced by M^r Hollings, be sett up on a Table near the House at the Bristol Road.
M^r Grazebrook has wrote to M^r Vizard respecting the trespasses on the Field of Pease, to which he has no answer.
M^r Grazebrook has not yet seen M^r Stephens to aquaint him of the true state of the matter.
Posponed Edward Keens proposal for Building a Swivell Bridge, etc, to a future time.
Mess^rs Grazebrook & Bough has measured the work at the Culvert at Walbridge, and settled the number of the Bricks used in the same.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do waite on the Rev^d M^r Pettat and desire him to meet the Committee in Stonehouse Church Yard on Thursday Morning the 24^th Instant at Ten o Clock to point out the Line of the Canal.
M^r Grazebrook has produced and account to the work done at Framiload and Whitmister Locks, and of the measure of the Stone that lies on the Sundry Wharfs.
M^r Bough has produced a Plan and Scale for Building a Wall to secure the Land below the Framiload Lock.
Ordered that an Advertisment be inserted in the Glocester Journal for three Weeks successively for a Person to find Stone and Building a Wall adjoining the Severn upon the Plan to be seen at M^r B: Grazebrooks at Stroud ~~ and also to find Oak Piles, and Piling above the lock at Framiload.
The Articles for Building the Locks etc to be Signed by M^r Ben: Grazebrook on the part of the Company, and by Mess^r Bough and Edge on their parts.
Rich^d Bigland Esq^r having made the Company an Offer of Oak Timber, Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook do go and see it and treat with him for the same.
Ordered that M^r Hearne do finish the Wall to the Tree, as directed by the Committee, but to carry it no further and make a proper finish there.
Ordered that Whitmister Mill Pond be imediately widened by Rob^t Perry.
Ordered that an Acc^t be delivered at the next Meeting of all the Bricks that have been delivered at the different Works, also of what remains at each place and the State of the accounts with each Brickmaker.
Ordered that the Coals that are Lodged on the Towing path contrary to the directions of the Committee be paid for by the Person who caused them to be laid there.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of Four Hundred Pounds.
Ordered that a Warrant be apply'd for to … Henry Wyatt Esq^r for William Morris for Stealing Coals from the Company on or about the ss^d Jan^ry last.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 21^st Instant at Ten o Clock in the Morning at Stonehouse Church Yard and from thence as Six o Clock in the afternoon to the George Inn in Stroud.

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