Minutes Thu 27 Nov 1777

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Thu 27 Nov 1777


Mr Lingard’s bill to be paid when he delivers level, tools and books.
Limestone to be fresh piled, several in middle up edgeways.
Mr Beswick ordered to put on 40 hands within a fortnight or be replaced by another cutter.
A call for 10% to be paid by subscribers by 1st February 1778.
Mr Winchcombe to contract for a quarry of stone on Rodborough Hill to build a bridge at Dudbridge, and other purposes.
Clay to be dug on Mr James’s land to provide 2 million bricks but that George Edward’s old account be settled before he draws any money upon the future brick making account.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 27^th day of November 1777
Present: James Winchcombe, Thomas Baylis, Joseph Wathen, Durley Wintle, Robert Ellis, Freame Arundell, John Hollings, Benjamin Grazebrook, Thomas White.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Ellis is desired to Settle M^r Pettats Taxes with M^r Turner, and also John Andrews Esq^r with M^r Dimmock.
M^r Merrett hath measured the Lands of Henry Stephens Esq^r including the Cut and Towing path, and find it Three Acres one Rood & Thirty two perch. The Island is not measured, but ordered to be done on Saturday next by M^r Merrett.
M^r Colborne is desired to Read the Articles made between Henry Stephens Esq^r and this Company, and make his remarks on every necessary article in writing.
It is ordered that M^r Lingard be paid his bill, after delivering up our Levell and the several other Tools, Books, etc, and Signing a proper Receipt drawn by M^r Colborne.
Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook be desired to waite on M^r Tho^s Turner Sen^r, in order to Survey the Lands of George Augustus Selwin Esq^r and Send a Sketch of it to M^r Gabriel Harris, who will assiste M^r Turner in procuring it.
Ordered that our Clerk do have the Lime Stones fresh piled, several Yards in the Middle being up Edge ways.
M^r Keene Reported that he hath purchased about two Hundred feet of Oak, for posts, at Sixpence per foot of John Driver of Bisley, the Timber lying at Grays ~~ the Carriage to be Contracted for by M^r Grazebrook. ~~ M^r Rogers to be apply'd to for Ash Railes, the larger the better, and more Oak posts to be purchased.
Ordered that our Clerk do give Notice to M^r Beswick that if he do not put on forty Hands within a fortnight, we shall put another Cutter to Work.
M^r Grazebrook is desired to sent M^r Richard Aldridge, Docter Sandfords Assent for the Sale of the Land, and the Variation of the Line at the Ryford, for Miss Brown's Assent, to be inclosed in the Box that the new Articles are to be sent in, for M^r Aldridge to have Sign'd.
Ordered that M^r B: Pashley do give us in his proposals in writing at our next Meeting for Building the several Locks between Chippenhams Platt and Ebley Mill Pond.
Ordered that a Call of Ten pounds per Cent be advertised in the next Glocester Journal to be paid on or before the 2^d February next.
Ordered that none of the Brickmakers be paid any money upon a new Brickmaking Acc^t till the old Accounts are Settled.
Ordered that Mess^rs Winchcombe, Wathen, & Grazebrook be desired to Waite on Nathaniel Peach Esq^r to consult with him respecting the proposed Bridge.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do waite on Ambross Reddal Esq^r and pay him in part of the purchase of his Land.
Ordered an inquiry to be made, if any Quantity of Bricks can be purchased from Framptons Platt fitt for our purpose, and the terms they will be delivered to Chippenhams Platt.
Ordered that M^r Winchcombe be desired to Contract for a Quarry of Stone on Rodborough Hill, to Build a Bridge at Dudbridge, and other purposes.
Ordered that Geo: Edwards do sett his men to Work in diging Clay im M^r James's Land, and to forward his Work to provide as many as two Millions of Bricks the next Season, but that his old Account be settled before he draws any money upon the future Brickmaking account.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 4^th day of December next at Ten o Clock in the morning at Chippenhams Platt, and from thence to the George Inn in Stroud in the Evening.

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