Minutes Thu 20 Nov 1777

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Thu 20 Nov 1777


An acre of Mr Stephen’s land next to Westfield be measured for the coal wharf, and enclosed in rails.
Slip in Court Orchard should be repaired using Elm piles.
Road leading to Bond’s Mill is dangerous and needs to be repaired as a swivel bridge is to be erected.
Bough and Gleave to settle the size of the lock at Eastington and one above, to determine what scantlings Mr Keck should order from William Price.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 20^th day of November 1777
Present: Joseph Wathen, Durley Wintle, John Hollings, Freame Arundell, Robert Ellis, Thomas Baylis.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Ellis Reported that he had waited on M^r Richard Pettat, but had not absolutely settled with him in Regard to the Taxes.
M^r Stephenses Land not yet measured, M^r Hall not being at home. Ordered that M^r John Merrett be desired to attend with Jos: Grazebrook one day next week to measure the Canal and Towing Path that have been taken out of M^r Stephens's Land; and at the same time that an acre of Land on M^r Stephens's next to West field, be measured for the Coal Wharf, and ordered to be immediately enclosed with Railes.
Ordered that a Quantity of Posts and Railes be purchased of M^r Davis, and that M^r Ew^d Keene and John Gleaves do treat with him for what will be wanted.
No correct Account can yett be rendered of the Quantity of the Bricks that are made, as several Clamps are now burning.
M^r Jn^o Gleaves Reported that the Slip in the Court Orchard should be repaired as soon as possible. ~~ Ordered that the said Slip be immediately repaired with Elm Piles.
M^r Gleaves Reported that the Road leading to Bonds Mill near the place were the Swivell Bridge is to be erected, is in a very dangerous State and almost impassable; Ordered that M^r Gleaves do sett some person or person to repair it immediately.
Ordered that Mess^rs Bough and Gleaves do settle the sise of the Lock at Eastington and the next above, and as soon as that matter is settled that Jos: Grazebrook do waite on M^r Keck and give him the sise of the Scantlings, and that M^r Keck be desired to send M^r Price the particulars for his government by M^r Smith.
Ordered that Ben^n Pashley do attend the next Meeting.
Ordered that a Bill be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
Posponed the Consideration of John Pashleys Bill till M^r B: Grazebrook return home.
Ordered M^r Richard Davis's two Bills up to the 1^st October, the Ballance amounting to £105:6:11 be discharged.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 27^th Instant at 4 o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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