Minutes Thu 13 Nov 1777

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Thu 13 Nov 1777


Joseph Madely paid penalty of £5 for false account.
Edward Keene offers to provide carpentry for two locks below Wallbridge.
John Gleave appointed inspector of puddling and other works at 18s a week, less 5s for every day absent.
Ordered Mr Beswick to set out the ground for the canal from Wallbridge to Dudbridge.
Ordered Mr Gleave to set as many men as possible to raise limestone out of the canal.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 12^th Day of November 1777
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, Robert Ellis, Fream Arundell, John Hollings, Durley Wintle, Benjamin Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
The Bricks of M^r Stephens's are brought to the Bristol Road.
Deffered the Consideration of M^r Pashleys Bill, not having his work measured. Ordered a proper person be sent to examine his Work against the next Meeting.
Ordered that M^r Lingard do give in his Acc^t of What is due to him, and the he first do deliver all the Books and Utensills belonging to the Proprietors.
Joseph Madley has paid the penalty of Five pounds for giving a false Acc^t of the Tonnage of his Coals. ~~ Ordered that the s^d forfeiture be added to the Tonnage Account.
M^r Edward Keene has proposed to undertake the two Locks below Walbridge to find the Oak Timber Scantlings on the same terms that M^r Price does; and to perform the Work of the s^d Locks on the same terms we give Ben^n Pashley, or any other person.
M^r Dimock attended the Committee on the behalf of John Andrews Esq^r who agrees to exchange his Land for M^r Richard Pettat, and that the Company are to give M^r Andrews at the Rate of £95 per Acre for the over plus of his Land that shall be taken.
Ordered that M^r Ellis be desired to settle with M^r Pettat the Value of the Taxes on his Land.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do write to M^r Lewis to attend with M^r Hall to Measure M^r Stephens's Land on Thursday next early in the morning.
It is ordered that whenever M^r Bough is called off his Work to attend upon any other particular Business that we shall require of him, that he be allowed five Shillings per Day for every days attendance.
Agreed with M^r John Gleave to appoint him inspector of the Puddling, the extra Wheeling, and other works belonging thereto, also to go down to Framiload twice every Week to see that everything is right. And to Inspect every other work that we shall order, and also to give a faitfull account of the State of the works; and that the s^d John Gleave do agree to forfeit five Shillings for every day he is absent from the work ~~ and that he be paid eighteen Shillings per Week.
Ordered that an Account of all the Money that have been paid for Brickmaking at the different Brick Yards, be produced at the next meeting, and the Quantity of the Bricks as nearly as can be ascertained.
Ordered that M^r Beswick do sett out the Ground for the Canal from Walbridge to Dudbridge.
Ordered that M^r Gleaves do sett as many Men as he can procure to raise all the Lime Stone that is possible out of the Canal, to be raised by the Ton.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 20^th Instant at 4 o Clock of the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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