Minutes Mon 29 Dec 1777

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Mon 29 Dec 1777


All the remaining stone taken from the canal be sold and no more burnt for lime.
Mr Beswick to put in the foundation of the bridge leading from Stonehouse Farm to Mr Beard’s and also the bridge at Eastington Road. Men on work to be paid 20d per day.
First 1,000 tons of coals landed at Chippenham Platt, to be charged 15d per ton tonnage. Same tonnage to be applied to coal landed at Bristol Road.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Monday the 29^th December 1777
Present: Joseph Wathen, Freame Arundell, James Winchcombe, Thomas Baylis, John Hollings, Durley Wintle, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Articles not Yet Received from M^r Aldridge. Jos: Grazebrook ordered to write to him by this evenings Post, to inquire what became of them, and if has Obtained Miss Browns Assent to the variation of the Line.
Mess^rs Winchcombe & Grazebroook has not yet waited on M^rs White, they are desired to go at the first Opportunity.
M^r Colborned produded a Rough Draft of the Conveyance of M^r Pettats and M^r Reddalls Lands, which are approved, and ordered to be engrossed and executed as soon as Possible, and at the same time that M^r Pettat be paid in full for his Land.
M^r Smith has begun to examine the Bricks and thrown aside about 1600 of M^r Barnards from one of his Stacks that are unfitt for use; it is ordered that he do Continue to examine the remainder, sepperating all that are improper for our purpose.
Ordered that M^r Ellis and M^r Grazebrook be desired to waite on Mess^rs Hawker & Cook to Settle the Line of the Canal near the late M^r Cooks House, & other Matters.
Ordered that our Clerk do waite on Ambrose Reddall Esq^r to gett the Deed of Conveyance executed.
M^r B: Grazebrook has again waited on Henry Wyatt Esq^r but has not Settled with him. ~~ Ordered that M^r Colborne be desired to waite on him and Tender him the Money for his Land.
No answer Yet Received from John Organ.
M^r Ellis has inquired whose Lands in Stonehouse Ham lies opposite to the Lands we purchased of John Andrews Esq^r and find a great part of it to be his property.
Ordered that all the remaining Stones that were taken out of the Canal be immediately Sold and that no more be burnt for Lime.
Ordered that George Maskell do Sett his men to Work on M^r Webbs Lower Meadow to Dig out the Clay and prepare it for making Brick and to Cutt it out leaving a Slope agreeable to the directions that shall be given him by M^r Gleave.
Ordered that M^r Bough do put forward the foundation of the Bridge leading from Stonehouse Farm to M^r Beards and also the Bridge at Eastington Road.
Ordered that M^r Beswick be paid at the Rate of 20^d per Day for every Man he has employed in the work.
Ordered that the first Thousand Tons of Coals Landed at Chippenhams Platt do pay 15^d per Ton Tonnage; and also the same Tonnage to be paid in future at Bristol Road.
Ordered that a Bill be drawn on Treasurer for the Sum of Four Hundred Pounds.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 8^th Day of January next at four o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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