Minutes Thu 15 Jan 1778

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Thu 15 Jan 1778


Mr Beswick’s men refused to move the soil and turves to a long way away. They shoul be threatened with non payment of wages.
12 handles for clough have been made but 8 more are required.
Earth on Mr Phillip’s land to be moved to his land over the Old River.
Boat sank by carelessness in the canal must be raised by Alexander Clark.
Carter to take out horses by 9am and not leave work before 4pm.
Complaint about the canal overflowing on Mr Hugh Smith’s land.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 15^th day of January 1778
Present: Joseph Wahten, Robert Ellis, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis, Durley Wintle, Thomas White.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Ordered that our Clerk do waite on Mess^rs Lane & Jepson, in regard to the Conveyance of M^r Reddalls Land, on Saturday next.
Mess^rs Ellis and Grazebrook have not yet waited on Mess^rs Hawker & Cook, M^r B: Grazebrook being from home; Ordered that they be desired to waite on them as soon as he returns.
M^r Colborne have not been with M^r Wyatt; Ordered that he be desired to waite on him before the next Meeting.
M^r King has delivered his account of the Damages in the Brick Yard on M^r Peaches Land, amounting to £10..4 reckoned from one Year past, and for two Years to come.
Ordered an inquiry to be made of M^r Tho^s Turner if he has yet apply'd to the Corporation of Glocester in regard to their Lands.
M^r Gleaves Reported that M^r Beswicks men refuse to remove the Soil as Directed, to a proper distance agreeable to the orders given them. ~~ Ordered that M^r Gleave do give them notice to morrow morning, and if they do not immediately remove the Soil where they shall be directed by him, that the shall not be paid any more wages, till they strictly observe his Orders.
M^r Gleaves Reported that he has Cleared the Whitmister Lock from the Mud and other Obstructions.
M^r Gleaves reported that there are as many as Twelve handles made for the Cloughs; Ordered that Eight more be made immediately.
Ordered that M^r Gleaves do give directions to have the Earth of M^r Phillips's Land removed, in to his Land over the Old River, the Extra expence of Wheeling to be allowed.
Ordered that our Clerk do bring an Acc^t of the Bricks made at Walbridge by this day fortnight, Specifying what have been Sold, what have been taken away for the Companys use, and what remains in the Yard.
Ordered that M^r Smith do give immediate notice to Mess^rs Bough and Edge, not to use any Bricks for the work, but such as are mark'd by him as Sound Bricks.
M^r Smith reported that he has begun to fresh Stack the Bricks, laying the hard, and the soft ones, in different Stacks; Ordered that he do continue the work till all the several Stacks are Compleated.
Ordered that M^r Gleaves do take a Weekly account of the work of the cutters, delivering it to our Clerk, for his government in paying them.
M^r Smith reported the Eastington Road is begun repairing.
Ordered that M^r Gleaves do immediately make up the Fence adjoining to M^r Simpsons Land.
Ordered that Alexander Clark do gett the Boat raises, soon as possible, which thro' carelessness was sunk in the Canal.
Ordered that our Carter do take out the Horses every morning at 9 o Clock, and not leave off his work till four in the afternoon.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
A Complaint having been made that the Canal overflows the Land of Jn^o Hugh Smith Esq^r & M^rs Hort; Ordered that it may be raised as soon as possible.
Ordered that M^r Ew^d Keene do go on Monday next, and see the poles that M^r Davis offere us, and make a Report at the next Meeting.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 22^d Instant at 4 o Clock in the afternoon ~~ at the George Inn in Stroud.

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