Minutes Thu 26 Feb 1778

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Thu 26 Feb 1778


Benjamin Grazebrook unable to procure a barge to bring bricks from Frampton.
Mr Phillip’s house to be taken at 30s per annum for a company forge.
Joseph Grazebrook is to et the wharf at Chippenham Platt till Xmas 1779 for £3.
The wharf at Bristol Road to be free to all people paying 2d per ton wharfage and 15d per ton tonnage.
A vessel unhung a lock gate at Bristol Road – if done carelessly the company wants to bring the owner before a magistrate.
Samuel Collins is landing coals on waste ground near Chippenham Platt which is interfering with the work of the company. If he lands any more means will be used to prevent it.
Call on subscribers to pay 10% by 6th May.
Mr Trewin to survey the works and give committee his opinion and observations.
A winding hole is to be formed in Mr Webb’s Lower Meadow.
The carter is to do three trips a day from Chippenham Platt to Ryeford.
A house is to be built in Mr James’s upper field upon a platt of ground.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 26^th Day of February 1778
Present: Thomas Baylis, James Winchcombe, Robert Ellis, Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, John Hollings, Benjamin Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Kings measurement of Damages being one Quarter of an Acre and upwards, more than appears to be from a fresh admeasurement, it is therefore deferred until we have an interview with him.
M^r Reddall informs us by a Letter from his Daughter that he executed the Deed of Conveyance in the presence of Mess^rs Blizard & Andrews and left with M^r Blizard to send to M^r Lane.
M^r Grazebrook have not been able to procure a Barge to bring the bricks from Frampton.
M^r Grazebrook have apply'd to M^r Phillips for a House for the Forge and have agreed with him for 30^S per annum.
The Committee have this Day let the Wharf at Chippenhams Platt to Jos: Grazebrook for the Sum of three pounds to Xmas 1778.
The Wharf at Bristol Road to be free to all People paying two pence per Ton Wharfage, and fifteen pence per Ton Tonnage.
Information being made that one of the Gates at the Bristol Road Lock is unhung by a Vessell passing thr'o it; M^r Grazebrook is desired to enquire by what means it was done, and if carlessly, the Vessell to be stop'd and the Owner to be carried before a Maginstrate.
Ben^m Pashley must immediately Sheet the Gates as Ordered the 29^th ???.
Information being made that Samuel Collins in Landing Coals on the waste near Chippenhams Platt on a Spott which was Levell'd at the expence of the Company, for Landing of the Several Materials necessary for the Building of our Locks, etc, and will if continued, put a Stop to our Business, it is therefore Ordered that John Gleaves do tomorrow morning aquaint the s^d Samuel Colling that if he Lands anymore, means will be used to prevent it.
Agreed with Farmer Tho^s Clark, for the Lands he Rents of M^rs Ball, which we have Occupied for the making of Bricks, at the Rate of 30^S per Acre from Lady Day 1777 to Lady Day 1770, which we take into our Hands on Lady Day 1778, and allow him for Damages done on the Lower side of the Canal.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do write to M^r George for Deal Planks.
Ordered that John Gleaves do, as soon as possible have the Slags that are now by the Crane, wheeled to the side of the Canal.
Ordered that a Call of Ten per cent be made on the Proprietors of this Navigation to be paid on or before the 6^th of May; and inserted in the Gloucester Journal.
M^r Fruen will be attended by M^r B: Grazebrook down the Canal to Survey the works, and give the Committee his Oppinion and Observations thereon.
Ordered that John Gleaves do sett some men to remove the Soft bricks from the Eastington Lock to some proper place out of the way of the work.
Ordered that M^r Ellis be desired to apply to the Rev^d M^r Pettat to treat with him for Land to be procured in exchange for what will be wanted out of the Church Yard.
Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook be desired to give directions to have the Bason formed in M^r Webbs Lower Meadow for the purpose of the Vessells turning after they have discharged their Cargoes.
Ordered that our Carter do attend at the next Meeting.
Ordered that Sam^l Smith do inform M^r Barnard that there are 20,000 Soft Bricks unfitt for our purpose, to be reducted from his Bill @ 12^s per Thousand, amounting to the sum of twelve pounds, which, if allowed by him, his Bill is ordered to be paid.
Ordered that John Gleaves do take the best account he can of the Cutting to be delivered to the next Meeting.
Ordered that our Clerk to pay John Pickston on Acc^t of M^r Beswick £25.. on Account of Cutting, and that he be paid for the future 2^s per day for each man he has employed in the work till the Canal is finished up to the Road leading to Bridgend.
Ordered that Sam^l Smith do give Notice to our Carter that he do make three Journeys per Day from Chippenhams Platt to Ryeford.
Ordered that a House be Build in M^r James upper Field, upn a Platt of Ground laid out for that purpose, agreeable to a Plan delivered in. Edward Edge agrees to undertake the brickwork, and Edward Keene the Carpenters works.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 5^th Day of March next at 4 o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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