Minutes Thu 16 Dec 1784

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Thu 16 Dec 1784


Mr John Smith has fixed Mr Samuel King's damages £7 a year for 3 years. Rent of Company's land 10s per acre per annum for first 3 years and 20s per acre afterwards.
Mr Jepson to pay Rev Mr Yate for his glebe land taken into canal at same price as adjoining land bought for, and pay interest.
Proposals from Edward Elton, chairman Gloucester Canal Committee, for tolls on intended canal. Rejected by Committee but when Canal Navigation from Thames to Severn is completed, Stroudwater Navigation ready to agree to reasonable proposals.
Letter to be sent to landowners re dangerous consequences of scheme. Meeting at George Inn at Stroud on 6 January. Messrs Wathen, Hollings, Colborne and Winchcombe to confer with Corporation of Gloucester on intended canal.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by adjournment at the George Inn at Stroud on Thursday the 16^th of December 1784
Present: John Hollings, Richard Bigland, Joseph Wathen, John Allaway, Nathaniel Winchcombe, Thomas White, Fream Arundell, Ben^n Grazebrook, James Dallaway.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that M^r John Smith has taken a view of M^r Sam^l Kings Damages in Thatchers, which he has fix'd at Seven Pounds a Year for the last three Years ending this time he has likewise fix'd the Rent of the Companys Land in M^r Kings posession at 10^s per acre per Annum for the first three years, and Twenty Shillings per acre per Annum afterwards. Ordered that our Clerk do settle with M^r King accordingly.
Ordered that M^r Jepson be desired to pay the Rev^d M^r Yate for his Glebe Land taken into the Canal, at the same price as the Land adjoining was bought for, and also pay an Interest for the same from the time it was taken ~~ our Clerk to furnish M^r Jepson with the particulars for that purpose.
Rece'd Proposals from Edward Elton Esq^r Chairman of the Glocester Canal Committee respecting the Tolls intended to be taken on the said intended Canal, likewise, the deductions intended to be made from the Stroud Canal, to which we have return'd the following answer signed by the Chairman of this Committee, Viz: "This Committee having taken into Consideration the proposal made by several Gentlemen who have in contemplation a scheme for making a Canal from Glocester to join this Navigation of Tolls purposed to be inserted in their intended Act and also the arguments used by several Gentlemen who have this Day attended this Committee are of Opinion that their proposal upon the face of it holds our a material Injury to this Company without any appearance of a certain compensation for such Injury either to the Company or Benefit to the Public, And therefore they are of Opinion that the proposal cannot be acceded to. But when the Canal Navigation from the Thames to the Severn is compleated this Committee have no doubt but that the Stroudwater Navigation Company will be ready to agree to reasonable and equitable proposals for carrying the propose Scheme into execution."
Ordered that Circular Letters signed by the Chairman of this Committee be wrote to the several Land Owners thro' which the intended Canal will pass, intimating the dangerous and injurious consequence of such scheme, and inform them of a Meeting to be held at the Goerge Inn at Stroud on Thursday the 6^th of January next to take the same into consideration.
Ordered that Mess^rs Wathen, Hollings, Colborne & Winchcombe be desired to waite upon the Corporation of Glocester on Tuesday next to Confer with them respecting the intended Canal.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 6^th of January next at Twelve O'Clock at the George Inn at Stroud.

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