Minutes Thu 6 Jan 1785

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Thu 6 Jan 1785


Snow too deep for Clerk to measure damages (Mr Samuel King).
Thames & Severn canal now open to Brimscombe. Owners of barges passing on canal to pay several rates of tonnage agreeable to act of Parliament. Proper person to examine quantity to be landed on wharfs between Stroud and Barr at Brimscombe. Promise to fairly weigh. and stack in not more than 2 ton stacks, coals where he intends to land them. Penalty if account given false.
Mr John Davis to be paid for building lock house.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the General and Select Committee held in pursuance of Adjournment at the George Inn at Stroud on Thursday the 6^th of January 1785
Present: William Battersby Esq^r in the Chair, Nathaniel Winchcombe, Joseph Harford, Thomas E Bull, Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, John Hollings, Thomas White, James Dallaway, John Allaway, Ben^n Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Committee Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that he has not yet settled with M^r Samuel King, the Snow being so deep as to prevent his measuring the Damages. ~~ Ordered that it is to be done the first opportunity.
Our Clerk Reported that he has furnished M^r Jepson with the particulars respecting the Rev^d M^r Yates, but has not Received any answer.
The Thames and Severn Canal being now open to Brimscombe, Ordered that our Clerk do receive of the respective Owneres (of barges) passing on to the said Canal, the several Rates of Tonnage agreeable to the Act of Parliament, And for the better asscertaining the Tonnage on Coals that our Clerk do send a proper Person to examine the quantity that may be landed on the several Wharfs between Stroud and the Barn at Brimscombe, the Owner paying for the same on his return; But in case the Owner shall on his entrance refuse to promise to fairly weigh and stack (in not more than two Ton stacks, his Coals where he intends to land them, that in such case our Clerk do receive the Tonnage of the Owner on his entrance into the Canal according to the quantity given in; And if it shall appear he has given n a false account, he shall in that case ay the Penalty inflicted by the Act of Parliament.
Read several Letters from Gentlemen whose Lands the intended Canal is proposed to pass through. Ordered that the same be filed.
Mess^rs Wathen, Hollings, Coleborne and Winchcombe Reported that they waited on the Corporation of the City of Glocester and found a very favourable reception.
Ordered that the proceedings of the Select Committee be entered in a seperate Book provided for that purpose.
Ordered that John Davis be paid for building the Lock House according to agreement, and also that his other account for sundry Business be discharged.
Adjourned this Meeting to Wednesday the 32^d of March a five O'Clock in the Afternoon at the Swan.

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