Minutes Mon 20 Jun 1785

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Mon 20 Jun 1785


John King to take house occupied by Richard Camm in a week’s time. Until Michaelmas his rent is to be paid and he is to be 2s per week for quitting the house at Wallbridge early.
Clerk to procure proposals from Wm Franklin and some other person for enclosing wharf at Wallbridge with mortar wall 7 feet high, 2 feet thick at bottom and 18 inches at top, coped with good weather stone and strong quoins at the gates and ends of walls.
Mr Smith given notice to remove lime kiln and building on wharf at Wallbridge.
Clerk to apply to Mr Pettat for warrant against Samuel Hodges for taking fish in canal.
No person taking out a ticket for angling in canal to take more than one friend at one time, and that person not an inhabitant of neighbourhood.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held by Adjournment at the Swan Inn at Stroud on Monday the 20^th of June 1785
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, John Hollings, James Dallaway, Nathaniel Winchcombe, Ben^n Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that he has received from Mess^rs Lane & Jepson the Deed of Conveyance from M^r White to the Company; & M^r White has promised to meet him on the Land some Day this Week to execute the same & receive the money.
Our Clerk Reported that he has given Jn^o King Notice to quit the House conformable to the Order of last Meeting. Ordered that he be desired to quit the same in one Week from this time, and take the House now occupied by Rich^d Cam and in consequence of his compliance therewith that his Rent be paid for the said House till Michaelmas next and the further sum of two Shillings per Week be paid him till the said time in consideration of his giving up his Licence for the House at Walbridge.
Ordered that our Clerk do procure proposals from W^m Franklin and some other Person for enclosing the Wharf at Walbridge with a Morter Wall f good Range work seven feet high, two feet thick at the bottom and eighteen Inches at top to be coped with good weather Stone, and strong Quoins at the Gates & ends of the Walls.
Ordered that our Clerk do give M^r Smith notice in writing to remove the Lime Kilns & the Building now standing upon the Wharf at Walbridge.
Ordered that our Clerk do apply to M^r Pettate for a Warrant against Samuel Hodges for taking fish in the Canal.
Ordered that no Person taking out a Tickett for angling in the Canal be permitted to take more than one Friend with them at one time, and that Person no an inhabitant of the Neighbourhood.
Adjourned this Meeting to Wednesday the 27^th of July next at five O'Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn at Stroud.

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