Minutes Thu 15 Dec 1785

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Thu 15 Dec 1785


Mr Gardiner not allowing rent for surplus land occupied by Mr Knight and the taxes thereof, nor an interest on balance owing to company, nothing could be agreed.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held by Adjournment at the George Inn at Stroud on Thursday the 15^th of December 1785
Present: Joseph Wathen, Nathaniel Winchcombe, John Hollings, Nathaniel Jones, John Allaway.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that he has given orders for a new Ice Boat agreeable to the order of last Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that he has waited upon Mess^rs Lane & Jepson and by their direction has given M^r Gardiner an answer, in consequence of which M^r Gardiner attended but nothing was done, owing to his not allowing a Rent for the surplus Land occupied by M^r Knight & the Taxes thereof, nor an Interest for the Ballance due from M^r Knight to the Company.
Our Clerk Reported that he has applied to M^r Smith agreeable to the Order of last Meeting but nothing has been done in consequence.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 21^st of February next at five O'Clock in the afternoon at the George in Stroud.

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