Minutes Mon 15 May 1786

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Mon 15 May 1786


Mr Lane says that bonds of award executed by Mr Knight not binding to his successors.
Proposals from Richard Cook for mounding road over Mr Hill's bridge at 1s 6d per yard. Mr Hill to be offered 12 guineas for fencing it in a good substantial manner.
Mr Fryer refused 5 guineas for his damages.
Mr Thomas Cooper, an executor of late Samuel Peach, agreed to account of land taken into Navigation and to sum of £40 paid by Company in compensation in lieu of a bridge adjoining Bristol Road bridge. Whole account £414 11s.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held this 15^th Day of May 1786 at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Nathaniel Winchcombe, John Allaway, John Hollings, Ben^n Grazebrook, John Colborne, Thomas Arundell.
Read the Minutes of the Committee Meeting the 10^th April last.
Our Clerk Reported that he has waited upon M^r Lane, who says the BGonds of award executed by M^r Knight are not binding to his Successors.
Our Clerk Reported that the cross fence next M^r Hallidays Land is compleated.
Received proposals from Rich^d Cook for Mounding the Road over M^r Hills Bridge ate 1/6 per Yard, which amounts fo about Twelve Guineas. Ordered that our Clerk do make M^r Hill and offer of the said Sum of Twelve Guineas as a Consideration for fencing it in a good Substantial manner, and in case M^r Hill refuses, that the said Rich^D Cook be immediately employed to do it.
M^r Franklins Bill is discharged.
Our Clerk Reported that he has offered M^r Fryer five Guineas for his Damages which he refused.
M^r Thomas Cooper on of the Executors of the late Samuel Peach Esq^R deceased attended the Committee, & agree'd to the account of Land taken into the Navigation (as sent to M^r Pieces one of the other Executors) and it is also agreed that the Sum of Forty Pounds be paid by the Company as a Compensation in lieu of a Bridge adjoining the Bristol Road Bridge, Therefore the whole Account as settled with Interest to this Day amounts to the Sum of Four hundred & fourteen Pounda Eleven Shillings. Ordered that our Clerk do apply to M^r Lane to prepare a Conveyance by Saturday next of the Land so taken. M^r Cooper having promised to furnish an attested Copy of the late M^r Peaches Will for that purpose.
Drawn a Bill on the Treasurer for the Sum of Three hundred and Seventy four pounds four Shillings and Sixpence for the use of the Navigation.
Adjourned this Meeting to Tuesday the 6 of June next at Eight o'Clock in the morning on board the Companys Barge.

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