Minutes Fri 5 Mar 1847

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Fri 5 Mar 1847


Company to allow room let for the use as a club room at Framilode to be used as a schoolroom until 29 September.
Mr Sharp permitted to ship quantity of timber at Bristol Road Wharf to be conveyed westward - drawback of 2d a ton.
A portion of Wallbridge and Stonehouse Wharfs to be let at £15 per annum to Mr Hughes and Mr Keedewell.
Charles Clutterbuck refused reduction of 3d per ton on all coals brought up G&B Canal to Stonehouse.
Fredrick Nurse to have larch fence put up between his garden and wharf at Dudbridge.
Messrs. Martin & Co. to send a 3 dozen hamper of sherry.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday March 15th 1847
Present: M^r Dan Watts, M^r Jn^o H Warman Chairman, G H A Beard, Jn^o Holbrow, Will^m Fryer, W^m Jn^o Wood, Rich^d Martin.
Jn^o Burbidge attended respecting the Room at Framilode belonging to this Company now occupied as a School Room but let for the purpose of a Club Room.
Ordered that M^r Hawker do write to James Nurse intimating that the Company will allow the same Room to be continued as a School Room until 29th September next.
M^r Sharp applied to be permitted to ship a quantity of Timber at the Bristol Road Wharf to be conveyed Westward on being allowed a Drawback of two pence per Ton which was agreed to.
M^r Driver's Bond dated 19th February last was produced duly executed which was ordered to be deposited in the Ches.
M^r Hughes and Keedewell attended with reference to the occupation of some portion of the Wallbridge and Stonehouse Wharfs.
It was agreed to let a portion of both Wharfs from Quarter to Quarter at the rate of £15 per annum each, to be paid Quarterly and M^r Martin, M^r Beard and M^r Watts agreed to meet M^r Hughes and M^r Keedewell at Stonehouse Wharf and set apart a sufficient portion for their accommodation.
Charles Clutterbuck attended respecting the tonnage charged on Coal to Stonehouse and asked to have a reduction of three pence per ton on all coal when brought up the Glocester and Berkeley Canal, which was refused.
Fred^k Nurse applied to have a Fence put up between his Garden and the Wharf at Dudbridge.
Ordered that directions be given to erect a Fence of Larch Poles and M^r Driver had orders accordingly.
Ordered that Mess^rs Martin & C^o be directed to sent a Three dozen Hamper of Sherry.
Ordered that the Half Yearly Meeting be appointed to take place on Thursday the 22nd of April.
Ordered that an advance of Wages be given to:
Will^m Daniels of one Shilling per week making them in all 14/
Tho^s Lewis of one Shilling per week making them in all 11/
Peter Daniels of one Shilling per week making them in all 11/.
Ordered that the necessary repairs be made in the house at Stonehouse Wharf previous to its being occupied by Cha^s Hobbs.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Hen Dangerfield Ironmongery: 3^£..5^s..11^d
Tho^S Gubb Smith's Work: -..5..4
Hen^y Howell Smith's Work: 1..16..10
Ol^r Cam Masonry: -..18..7
Jn^o Andrews Smith's Work: -..1..-
H Mayo Painting: -..16..6
Tho Liddiatt Pargeters Work: 1..-..6
Cha^s Hooper (?Oak): 1..2..-
W^m Hobbs Iron Bars: 1..16..10
[Subtotal] 11..3..6
Tho^s Silk Timber: 10..16..-
Nathan Driver 12 weeks Salary: 17..10..-
Jn^o Burbidge 2 months & Candles £1: 11..-..-
Edwin Cooper Auditor ½ years Salary: 7..17..6
J P Brisley Stationery: 3..7..7
Wansbrough & Sons Writing paper: 1..2..6
Fred Eycott Gravel ½ year: 5..-..-

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