Minutes Mon 18 Oct 1847

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Mon 18 Oct 1847


Correspondence regarding alterations in crane at Dudbridge.
Mr Eycott not having attended a committee meeting for 3 months a Special General Meeting to be called to select another committee member.
Mr Sam Marling requested that the tonnage on a cargo of coals intended to be given away gratuitously to the poor might be allowed. The Committee were of the opinion that they did not have the power to abandon tonnage under such circumstances.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 18th day of October 1847
Present: M^r Will^m Fryeer, M^r T C Croome Chairman, J H Warman, Jn^o Holbrow, Dan Watts, Hen^y Sikes, G A H Beard, Rich^d Martin.
M^r Hawker reported that a correspondence had passed between himself and Capt Clegram and also between himself and Mess^Rs Warings in consequence of which the Committee, Capt Clegram, and Mess^r Waring, attended at Dudbridge for the purpose of testing the power of the Crane, when an arrangement was made that all matters in difference should be referred to Capt Clegram between both parties with power to order alterations in the Crane.
Resolved that M^r Hawker be authorized to enter into an agreement of reference on behalf of this Company accordingly.
It appearing to the Committee that M^r Eycott one of the Members of this Committee had neglected to attend Meetings for three Calendar Months,
It was Ordered that a Special General Meeting of the Company be held on Wednesday the 27th day of October Ins^t at half past Three o'Clock in the afternoon at the Office of the Company at Wallbridge to choose another Member of the Committee in his stead.
Resolved that M^r Hawker do embody in the notice for the General Meeting the requisite notice for electing a Member of the Committee.
M^r Cooper the Auditor attended and stated that he had examined all the Books and Vouchers and found every item correct.
The several Accounts belonging to the Company were examined and passed.
Ordered that in future the ordinary Meetings of the Committee be held on Wednesdays instead of Mondays.
M^r Hawker reported that the use of the Towing paths of the Canal as a footpath had been stopped according to the Order of the last Committee Meeting on the following days and in the following proportions viz:
Oct^r 4th 1847:
Will^m Daniels: Wallbridge
Peter Daniels: Lodgemore
Jn^o Clark: Dudbridge
Tho^s Lewis: Gas Works
Hilly Orchard Bridge
Oil Mills
Stanley Meadow
Stonehouse Wharf
Bonds Mill
Roving Bridge
Eastington Bridge
Kings Bridge
Westfield Bridge
8th Bristol Road
Stonepit Bridge
Walk Bridge
Framilode Bridge
Saul Bridge.
An application from M^r Sam^l S Marling was read in which he requested that the Tonnage on a Cargo of Coals intended to be given away gratuitously to the Poor might be allowed.
The Committee were of the opinion that they had not the power to abandon the Tonnage under such circumstances and
Resolved that M^r Marlign be informed thereof.

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