Minutes Wed 19 Jan 1848

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Wed 19 Jan 1848


Mr Driver’s proposal to strengthen the crane at Dudbridge with two bands of iron was accepted.
Notices regarding the rules to be observed in the working of the crane at Dudbridge to be placed in the office at Wallbridge and on the warehouse at Dudbridge. Weight limit to be 5 tons on inner wheel, 2½ tons on outer wheel and 1 ton 10 cwt on leverage wheel.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19th day of January 1848
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, M^r T C Croome, Dan Watts, Rich^d Martin, J H Warman, Fred^k Eycott, Will^m Fryer, G H A Beard, Jn^o Holbrow Chairman.
M^r Driver having reported that the Crake at Dudbridge Wharf may be strengthened by placing two bands of Iron below the carriage on the Shaft with Six Uprights there unto attached,
Ordered that the same be carried into effect with any other improvements he may deem necessary.
Ordered that the following Notice relative to the use of the Crane at Dudbridge be copied and placed in the Office at Wallbridge and on the Warehouse door at Dudbridge, Viz:
Rules to be observed in working the Crane at Dudbridge Wharf.
The Crane not to be worked with less that Three able bodies Men in loading Timber, Stone and Iron.
No Person or Persons shall at any time use the Crane to haul or drag Timber Stone or Iron lying more that Twenty feet from the Base of the Shaft of the Crane.
No Person or Persons shall be allowed to lift a Weight exceeding Five Tons a the Inner Wheaf of the Jib and not more than Two Tons and a half at the outer Wheel.
No Person or Persons shall lower down a Weight exceeding One Ton Ten Hundred upon the Leverage Wheel only.
All Persons doing any damage to the Crane shall be liable to pay the expenses of repairing the same and all Owners of Vessels will be responsible to pay the same for their Servants.
Ordered that our Clerk do keep his Watch by Railway time for regulating the meeting of the Committee in future.
The Wall at Dudbridge Wharf next to M^r Clutterbuck's premises to be repaired.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
(?) Cam Oakham: -..7^s..6^d
Eli James a Rope: -..4..3
Tho^s Webb Timber: 3..11..2
Hoskins Smith's Work: 1..12..3
D Hewlett Glaz^g etc: -..9..6
H Howell Smith's Work: 1..9..10
W^m Hobbs Smith's Work: -..18..-
T C Croome business related to the Crane: 8..8..10
Jn^o Burbidge 2 mon Sal: 10..-..-

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