Minutes Wed 21 Jun 1848

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Wed 21 Jun 1848


Rev Frederick Morgan’s claimed shares nos.13,14, will of his brother John Morgan.
Report from Mr Croome the solicitor regarding a schedule of deeds and documents was read and recorded in the minutes. He has also found a number of books showing history of the making of the Canal, expenses for it, claims, Treasurer’s books, Parliamentary plan of original scheme certified by speaker of House of Commons. Also a very useful map, on vellum, of Navigation, and lands purchased and sold by Company. Tonnage books, journals and ledgers with share register to 1822. Powers of Attorney for transfer of shares.
Mr Croome’s letter also proposed a more strict method for ensuring accurate records of share transfers.
A copper plate engraving be procured for Tickets of Shares, and a book for recording their duplicates.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on the 21st day of June 1848
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, H G A Beard, Jn^o Holbrow, Cha^s Hooper, Will^m Fryer Chairman, Tho^s C Croome.
The Rev^d Frederick Morgan of Sion House Clifton in the City of Bristol, Clerk a Legatee named in the Will of John Morgan formerly of Dudbridge in the County of Glocester and lately of Bath in the County of Somerset Esq^re deceased, attended and made out his Claim to Two Shares N^o 13 and 14 in the Stroudwater Navigation, belonging to and now standing in the name of the said John Morgan in the Books of the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation by producing the Will of the said John Morgan dated the 19th day of April 1845 whereby the said John Morgan gave and bequeathed to his Brother the said Frederick Morgan his Two Shares in the Stroudwater Navigation and all Arrears of Interest due thereon which might be due and unreceived by him at his decease and appointed Jn^o George Mogg and WIll^m Francis Morgan joint Executors of his said Will who proved the same in the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury on the 6th day of May 1842 and also a Memorandum in writing under the hand of the said Jn^o George Mogg and Will^m Francis Morgan whereby they testified their full assent to the said Bequest of the said Frederick Morgan of the said Two Share of the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation and to the said Two Shares being transferrred in the Books of the said Company and into the name of him the said Frederick Morgan and the Claim of the said Frederick Morgan to the said Two Shares is allowed accordingly.
M^r Driver reported that the Repairs to the Lock near the Paper Mill and at Fred^k Nurses house are completed and that he had removed a large quantity of Mud according to the Orders given at the last Meeting.
M^r Driver also reported that the Information against Morgan for fishing, failed owing to a defect in the evidence.
M^r Driver has not yet purchased the Shears for the Crane at Dudbridge owing to the high price which was asked but he will make further enquiries.
The following Report from M^r Croome the Solicitor relative to the resolutions of the last meeting was read and taken into consideration:
To the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation
Pursuant to the resolutions passed at your Meeting on the 17th Ins^t I have made a Schedule of various Deeds and Documents which I found in your box and send it herewith.
I have also found various Books of considerable interest showing the history of the making of the Canal, the expenses of it, and containing Resolutions of the Commissioners appointed by the Act for adjudicating upon claims, etc, also the Treasurers Books from the commencement. There is also a Parliamentary Plan of the original scheme certified by the Speaker of the House of Commons according to the requisition of the Act of Parliament (folio 60 of the Octavo Edition) but no certified book of Reference.
I have also found a very useful Map on Vellum of the Navigation as actually made and of the various Lands purchased by the Company and on this also the Lands which have from time to time been sold are marked.
M^r Hawker has also shown me various Tonnage Books Journals and Ledgers from the commencement to the present time with the Share Register Book and in our investigation we have found a plain copy of the present Share Register Book which appears to be kept with regularity down to the year 1822 and to be the duplicate of the Share Registered Book required by the clause (in page 100) of the Act .
There are also many Powers of Attorney for the transfer of Shares, but I have not deemed it necessary under your instructions to compare these with the Share Register Book so as to see whether they contain authority for all the signatures which have been taken by Attorney.
I have also very carefully considered the conversation which passed at your last Meeting in reference to the opinion of M^r Parker relative to the mode of transferring Shares and of dealing with those parties who cannot produce all the transfers of the Shares they hold and I come to the following conclusion which I beg to recommend at the course to be pursued on all future Transfers and Claims viz:
That the Clerk shall require the party claiming or proposing to transfer a Share to produce and deliver up the original Ticket and all the intermediate Transfers as far as possible.
That the Transfer shall be made out (in cases requiring a Transfer) on a proper Stamp and entered as at present in the Share Register Book both parts being signed as at present and that the Clerk shall keep all Powers of Attorney and Transfers when signed and deliver a new Ticket to the Transferee or Claimant who has made out his title.
I also recommend that the Copy of the Share Register Book be completed for the Treasurer.
In those cases in which the Committee are satisfied that the original Ticket of a share has been lost, I see no objection to a fresh Ticket being given, but is should appear that it was made out in consequence of the loss of the original and such new Ticket should not be made out by the Clerk as a matter of course buy only under the direction of the Committee.
I would also beg to suggest as a hint that may be useful that uniformity in the paper used for Transfers would enable you to have the originals bound up in a book from time to time and thus to keep a perfect stamped Register of Transfers for the future.
I am Gentlemen,
Yours faithfully
signed Tho^s C Croome
Cainscross near Stroud 26th May 1848
Ordered that the same be received and acted upon.
Ordered that a Copper Plate Engraving be procured of Tickets for Shares and that a Book be made containing the same in Duplicate.
Ordered that a strong Safe for the Clerk for the preservation of the Deeds and Documents of the Company be procured.
Ordered that the Duplicate of the Share Register Book be completed and that the remuneration to M^r Hawker for working up the arrears be left for future consideration and arranged between him and the Committee.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
N Driver 1 Quarters Salary: 17^£..10^s..-
Mess^rs Martin & C^o for WIne: 13..16..-
Hen Howell, Smith's Work: 5..15..4
Jn^o Andrews Smith's Work: -..7..3
Tho^s Silk for Timber: 23..14..6
Ol Cam Masonry: 4..14..3
J Vick Rep^r Clock at the Dock: 1..-..-

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