Minutes Fri 19 May 1848

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Fri 19 May 1848


Mr Cooper’s letter confirms that the cash book and the numerical book correspond.
The banks of the canal are much injured by people fishing with nets. Mr Driver to prosecute a person by the name of Morgan, lately detected using a net, before a Magistrate for fishing.
Notices to be fixed on boards that all persons found bathing should be deemed trespassers and punished accordingly.
To prevent obstruction in the use of the crane, a charge should be made for timber or stone placed within 60ft of the crane at Dudbridge.
Mr Driver to buy shears for the crane at Dudbridge.
Mr Martin to send 3 dozen Bucellas and 3 dozen of Port wine for the use of the Company.
Mr Driver should employ as many men as possible to mud the canal during the annual stoppage 9–17 June.
The Company solicitor to make a schedule of deeds and other documents.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19th day of May 1848
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, M^r Jn^o Holbrow Chairman, Jn^o H Warman, G H A Beard, Fred^k Eycott, T C Croome, Rich^d Martin, Will^m Fryer.
A Letter has been received from M^r Cooper the Auditor saying that he has compared the Cash Book with the Numerical Book which contain the Numbers and Amounts of the Tonnage Tickets and found them correspond and correctly entered to the 13th Ist^t.
Our Clerk reports That pursuant to a Resolution of the last Meeting he wrote to Jn^o Burbidge and informed him of the Orders contained in that resolution.
M^r Driver reports that he has seen Capt Clegram who expressed his willingness to do whatever should be considered necessary to enable this company to repair the Lock near the Paper Mill at Whitminster.
M^r Driver reports that he has surveyed the Repairs required to be done at the house occupied by Fred^k Nurse and he finds that such Repairs cannot be completed for the sum of £8..-..- . He is therefore Ordered to get such repairs completed in the most economical way.
M^r Driver reports that the Banks of the Canal are much injured by Persons fishing with Nets and that a person of the name of Morgan has been lately detected using a Net.
Ordered that M^r Driver do prosecute him by information before a Magistrate for fishing.
[Bathing] It having been reported that a great nuisance is committed by persons bathing in this Canal,
Ordered that Notices be affixed on Boards That all persons found bathing will be deemed Trespasses and punished accordingly.
In order to prevent any obstructions in the use of the Cranes at Wallbridge and Dudbridge Wharfs,
It is hereby Ordered that in case any Timber Iron or Stone which shall be placed within 60 feet of the Base of the Shaft of the Crane and shall remain there for the space of one week, a charge of one penny per ton shall be made and Two pence per ton for every week afterwards. The charge to be paid before removal or a portion of them to be seized sufficient to pay the charge, to commence on June 1st next.
Ordered that M^r Driver do purchase a pair of Shears for the use of the Crane at Dudbridge.
Ordered that Mess^rs Martin & Co be requested to send 3 dozen of Bucellas and 3 dozen of Port Wine for the use of the Company.
Ordered that the Annual Stoppage of this Canal do commence on friday the 9th June next and continue until the 17th both days inclusive.
Ordered that M^r Driver do employ as many Men to mud the Canal during the Stoppage as will fill every place upon which he can obtain permission to deposit such Mud.
It appears by a report made by our Clerk that it would be desirable t have a Schedule made of the Deeds and other documents relating to the Canal.
It is Ordered that our Solicitor do make a schedule of such Deeds and other Documents accordingly.
The following Bills have been examined it is Ordered that the same be paid and cheques were given accordingly:
Gas Works for Tar: -^£..11^s..1^d
Jn^o Andrews Smiths Work: -..19..6
H Howell Smiths Work: -..9..8
Ol Cam Masonry: -..5..4
Ja^s Withey Nails: 1..12..9
Hen Harrison Masonry: -..12..8
Tho^s Clarke Pargiter: -..10..4
Price & Co Timber: 26..18..3
Cha^s Hawker 1 Quar^r Sal^y: 25..-..-
Jn^o Burbidge 2 mos Sal^y: 10..-..-
Fred^k Eycott Gravel ½ year: 5..-..-
Half Yearly Meeting: 10..-..11

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