Minutes Thu 17 Aug 1848

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Thu 17 Aug 1848


Swing poles to upper gates of Foundry Lock to be renewed.
Frederick Nurse’s house at Dudbridge - pavement of floor in brewhouse to be completed. Brewhouse roof to be pointed.
Fredrick Nurse to use pantiles from shed in garden at Dudbridge Wharf for shed or stable, to belong to Company when built.
Roof of warehouse at Dudbridge Wharf to be covered on the front with Bangor Duchess tiles.
Side and hand rails of Ryeford swing bridge to be painted white.
Crane at Wallbridge Wharf damaged by Mynett the Stroud Town surveyor and repaired at cost of 30s, 20 to be paid by the Town Commissioners.
A lock and chain have been purchased for the Wallbridge crane, the key in the care of the wharfinger.
Mr Dangerfield to provide fireproof chest for office at Wallbridge at cost of £7 10s.
Proposal that 6000 tons of coal should be carried on canal as far as Brimscombe for onward transfer to Great Western Railway wharfs.
Paper Mill Bridge at Whitminster to be replanked with oak when frame has been repaired.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on board the Company's Boat on Thursday the 17th day of August 1848
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, Hen^y Sikes, Jn^o Holbrow, J H Warman, T C Croome Chairman, G H A Beard, Rich^d Martin.
Foundry Lock. The Swing Poles to the Upper Gates to be renewed.
Fred^k Nurse's House at Dudbridge. The Pavement of the Floor of the Brewhouse to be completed. Beer House to be pointed in the Roof.
The Shed in the Garden at Dudbridge Wharf to be pulled down and the Materials preserved; but if Fre^k Nurse wished to use the Pantiles in erecting and covering a Shed or Stable (to belong to the Company when built) he may be permitted to do so, but the Company do not sanction any further expense in the Shed unless the old Stuff is found which M^r Driver may think fit to be used for the purpose.
The Wharehouse at Dudbridge Wharf to be stripped and the Roof to be covered on the Front with Bangor Duchess Slates and the back with the old Tiles.
The Swing Bridge at Dudbridge is in a defective state and M^r Driver is to examine it carefully and if found as defective as it appears to be, to have a new one erected, or if one side will suffice, then to have only one new side put in.
Ordered that the Side Rails of the Swing Bridge at the Ryeford and the Hand Rails adjoining it be painted white and the Rail on the Western side be lengthened the extra length of one Rail.
It was reported by M^r Hawker that the Crane at Wallbridge Wharf had been damaged by Mynett the Stroud Town surveyor and repaired at the expense of Thirty Shillings. That after some correspondence the Town Commissioners had proposed to pay Twenty Shillings towards the Cost of the Repair on the ground that one of the Wheels was defective before it was broken and a piece of Wheel was produced in confirmation of the Statement.
Ordered that the Offer of Twenty Shillings be accepted, and that the Commissioners be requested to reprimand their Surveyor Mynett for is carelessness.
A Lock and Chain having been ordered by M^r Hawker for the Crane and the Key having been left in the care of Knee our Wharfinger.
Ordered that such arrangement be approved.
Ordered that M^r Dangerfield's Tender to furnish a Fireproof Chest for the Office at Wallbridge for £7..10..- be accepted.
The Form of the Tickets to be issued to Proprietors now produced by M^r Hawker was approved.
A proposal on the part of M^r James Smith was reported whereby a large quantity of Coal to the extent of 6000 Tons or upwards per annum might be carried on the Navigation for the supply of Wharfs on the Great Western Railway provided he can make arrangements with this Company and with the Thames and Severn Canal Company for conveyance of such coals to Brimscombe for a Tonnage of One Shilling and Three pence per ton.
Ordered that M^r Hawker and M^r Croome do attend M^r Willson on the part of the Thames and Severn Canal Company for the purpose of making and carrying out an arrangement to secure this Trade and for the Division of the Tonnage between this Company and the Thames and Severn Canal Company.
The Paper Mill Bridge at Whitminster being out of repair,
Ordered that the same be replaced with Oak and the Carriage and Frame Work repaired.
Ordered that M^r Driver do buy 8 or 10 Oak Sticks suitable for Swing Poles from a Lot now offered to him on the best terms he can.

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