Minutes Wed 20 Jun 1849

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Wed 20 Jun 1849


Mr Marling to pay for £200 for constructing link between canal and Ebley Mill Stream, on land he has provided. To be kept in repair my Mr Marling for 3 years. £100 of the costs will be offset against tonnage over the link.
Shed on Wallbridge Wharf to be repaired.
Frederick Nurse to be given notice to quit house and premises rented at Dudbridge.
Two screw jacks to be bought for the works at Chippenham Platt.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20th day of June 1849
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, T C Croome, Fred^k Eycott, G H A Beard. Rich^d Martin Chairman, Cha^S Hooper.
M^r Sam^l S Marling attended and produced four plans for the Works proposed by him near Ebley Mills. One N^o 4 was selected as being best for the object. He requested the Company to carry this out at their expense offering to make any fair terms as to the piece of ground belonging to him which would be used.
He also proposed that mutual stipulations should be entered into to prevent the use of the communication for any purpose than the passage of Vessels and particularly that it should not be so used as to interfere with the Works for the supply of Water to the Navigation.
The above proposal was taken into consideration and it was resolved that an agreement be entered into with M^r Marling to make the proposed Communication between the Navigation and Ebley Mill Stream on the following terms Viz:
That M^r Marling will give up to the Company a sufficient piece of Ground for the construction of the Works.
That he will contract for the performance of the Works for the sum of Two hundred pounds such Works to be performed according to a Specification to be mutually agreed on and to be kept in repair by M^r Marling for the period of three years.
That the sum of Two hundred pounds shall be paid as follows, that is to say Fifty pounds at the Expiration of Six Months and a further sum of Fifty Pounds at the expiration of twelve months from the completion of the Works and the remaining hundred pound shall not be paid in Money, but an Account shall be kept of the tonnage of Vessels passing through the intended Works until the sum of One hundred pounds is paid.
That the Stipulation as to the supply of Water be agreed to.
be a Sub Committee to see that the Specification is carried out and to decide on any Minor Details which may come before them.
That an Agreement embodying the above terms and all the needful and requisite stipulations be prepared and entered into.
Ordered that the Shed on Wallbridge Wharf be repaired.
Ordered that Notice be given to Frederick Nurse to quit the House and Premises rented by him at Dudbridge.
Ordered that Tow Screw Jacks be bought for the Works at Chippenham Plat as recommended by M^r Driver in lieu of those worn out.
Ordered that the following Bills and Accounts be paid:
N Driver 1 Quarter's Salary: 17^£..10^s..-^d
Tho^s Silk for Timber: 11..3..10
Hen^y Howell Smith's Work: 4..14..11
Ja^s Giles Masonry: 1..10..10
Sam^l Clutterbuck placing Mud on his field: 1..-..-
Will^m Burford Leather: -..7..6

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