Minutes Mon 4 Jun 1849

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Mon 4 Jun 1849


Mr Sam S. Marling proposed to erect Grist mill at Dudbridge with a steam engine. He required assurance that a means of access should be secured for bringing boats and vessels from canal into his mill stream and reservoir. Agreed if fully detailed plan and specification of works were provided and terms arranged.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at M^r Tho^s C Croome's House at Cainscross on Monday the 4th of June 1849
Present: M^r Cha^s Hooper, Tho^s C Croome, Hen^y Sikes, Fred^k Eycott. Geo Hen^y A Beard Chairman, Jn^o H Warman.
This meeting was called in consequence of a communication from M^R Sam S Marling who proposed to erect a large Grist Mill at Dudbridge with a Steam Engine but required a previous assurance from this Company that a means of access should be secured for brining Boats and Vessels from the Navigation into his Mill Stream and Resevoir.
M^r Stephens attended on behalf of M^r Marling and produced a plan of the Works which he deemed sufficient for the purpose.
The Committee viewed the spot and entered into the question of the probable Cost and Income to be derived from the measure.
It appeared that the plan was capable of being carried out and it was therefore Resolved that it would be expedient to enter into the arrangement on being furnished by M^r Marling with a fully detailed plan and specification of the Works required proided satisfactory terms can be afterwards arranged with him.

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