Minutes Wed 20 Mar 1850

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Wed 20 Mar 1850


Mr Henry Harrison of Stonehouse’s plan for new weir accepted – cost not exceeding £40.
Mr Webb’s estimate of £42 for stable at Dudbridge accepted. Mr Critchley as tenant to pay £5 towards expense of stable.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20th day of March 1850
Present: M^r Fred^k Eycott, M^r G H A Beard Chairman, Hen^y Sikes, Rich^d Martin, T C Croome, Cha^s Hooper, C H Fisher.
M^r Driver attended and produced a plan drawn by M^r Henry Harrison of Stonehouse for the new Wear referred to in the Resolutions of the Committee at their last Meeting.
Resolved that the plan be adopted on M^r Harrison entering into an arrangement to do all the work in a complete and workmanlike manner and finish it to the satisfaction of the Committee for a sum not exceeding Forty pounds.
A Estimate was produced from M^r Tho^s Webb to build the intended Stable at Dudbridge for Forty two pounds which was received and adopted subject to his consenting to adapt Timber of the sizes and descriptions which M^r Driver may approve.
M^r Critchley as Tenant consented to pay Five pounds towards the expense of the Stable in lieu of the hauling which it is usual for the Tenant to do.
Resolved that the next meeting of the Committee be held on Wednesday the 24th of April at the usual hour of 12 O'Clock and that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held the same day at 2 O'Clock and that M^r Hawker do publish the usual notices thereof.
Resolved that the following Bills and Accounts be paid:
Jn^o Burbidge 2 Months & Candles 1^£: 11^£..-^s..-^d
Edwin Cooper Auditor ½ years Sal^y: 7..17..6
Nathan Driver 1 Quarter Sal^y: 17..10..-
Mess^rs Martin & C^o for WIneL 13..10..-
J P Brisley Stationery & Books: 9..11..11
Dan^l Hewlett Plumbing & Painting: 14..6..2
W^m Hobbs Smiths Work: 1..8..1
Tho^s Liddiatt Pargeters Work: 7..10..1
Ja^s Giles Masonry: 7..16..7
Rich^d Mathews Timber: 12..7..6
Hen^y Howell Smith's Work: 1..13..9
E Morgan Masonry: 3..19..6

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