Minutes Wed 31 Jul 1850

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Wed 31 Jul 1850


Meeting held on company boat.
Mr Argent complained of bargemen fastening vessels to the hedge near his house. Ordered that proper posts be put in the towpath.
Committee ordered a division of Dudbridge Wharf to prevent questions which have arisen between traders.
New feeder at Ebley inspected and approved.
Agreement with Thames & Severn Canal Co approved.
All traders sending coal by GWR from Stonehouse to have the same terms as Mr George.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on board the Company's Boat on Wednesday the 31st day July 1850
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, M^R Geo Hen^y Aug^t Beard Chairman, W^m Fryer, Cha^s H Fisher, Tho^s C Croome, Fre^k Eycott, Jn^o H Warman. Rich^d Martin.
M^r Argent attended and complained that Bargemen are in the habit of fastening Vessels to the hedge near his house, Ordered that proper posts be put in the Towing path for tying Vessels as there appears to be a deficiency of accommodation of that kind.
The Committee inspected the Wharf at Dudbridge and Ordered a Division of it with a view to prevent the questions which have arisen between the Traders.
The New Feeder at Ebley was inspected and approved.
In reference to the interview with the Committee of the Thames & Severn Canal Company it was Resolved that provided and as soon as the Thames & Severn Canal Company shall have made a reduction of Sixpence per ton in the tonnage on Coals carried to Cirencester either by way of Drawback or otherwise this Company will allow a Drawback of Threepence per ton on Coals actually carried to Cirencester from Framilode and the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal on a proper arrangement being made for a Certificate from the Agent of the Thames and Severn Canal Company that the Coals have been actually carried into Cirencester.
Resolved that the same privilege which has been accorded to M^r Jn^o George in reference to Coals landed at Stonehouse and actually carried Up the Great Western Railway from Stonehouse Station be granted to any other Trader who may wish to carry Coals from Stonehouse to the Railway.
Ordered that the Property and Income Tax £64..17..4 now due be paid.

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