Minutes Wed 21 Aug 1850

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Wed 21 Aug 1850


Mr Miles to leave post at Saul Junction. Mr Hawker to ascertain his exact duties.
Mr Griffin of Eastington died owing Company £29 19s 5d for tonnages. Estate insolvent. Threatened with stoppage of their vessels they offered £16, which was accepted.
After the introduction of the Stamp Act on 10 October, each trader requiring credit is to sign a stamped form of Guarantee.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 21st day of August 1850
Present: M^r Hen^r Sikes, M^r G H A Beard, Will^m Fryer, T C Croome Chairman, Rich^d Martin, C H Fisher.
It was announced that M^r Miles is about to leave his situation at the Junction with the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal and M^r Hawker was thereupon requested to ascertain and report to the next meeting of this Committee the exact duties that M^r Miles is required to perform for this Company either under the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Acts or the Resolutions of this Committee.
M^r Hawker reported that he had called on M^r Willson and mentioned to him the Resolution of the last Meeting relative to the Tonnage on Coals carried to Cirencester and that the Thames and Severn Canal Company had commenced and carried into operation the proposed Reduction.
M^r Hawker also reported that M^r Jn^o Griffin of Eastington dies owing this Company £29..19..5 for Tonnages and that his Estate was insolvent and expected to pay about Two Shillings and Sixpence in the pound. Thereupon he had threatened and given notice of his intention to stop the Vessels for the full amount due which was resisted by the Executors who ultimately offered £16..-..- in payment of the balance due to this Company and as about £3.-..- was owing from this Company to M^r Griffin's Estate for work done he had accepted it and given a Receipt. It was Resolved that the arrangement made by M^r Hawker be approved and adopted and the balance of M^r Griffin's debt be written off.
Resolved that a form of Guarantee now produced be approved and that M^r Hawker do get a sufficient number printed on 2^s/6^d Stamps and that after the 10th October next when the new Stamp Act will come into operation to get one signed by each Trader who required credit for his own convenience and that he also charge each party with the Stamp for his Agreement.
Ordered that the following Bills and Accounts be paid;
Cha^s Hawker 1 Quarter Sal^y: 25..-..-
Expenses of Survy on 31st Ulto: 7..10..4
Oliver Cam Masonry: 18..14..3
Edw Shipway Smiths Work: 5..19..4
Ben Brewer Iron Work: 8..-..3
J W Battershall Castings: 2..4..3
Ann Harrison Masonry: ..-..4..8

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