Minutes Tue 19 Nov 1861

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Tue 19 Nov 1861


Mr Warman and Mr Harris suggested that the wharfinger at Dudbridge shall regularly enter in a book at the time all goods deposited in the warehouse and when and to whom they are delivered. No receipt to traders to implicate Company in responsibility.
Mr Daniels very ill and laid aside from his work. Allowed half his wages as a gratuity from 9 November until further orders.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of November 1861
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r G H A Beard Chairman, F Eycott, H H Wilton, T Marling, H Harris.
M^r Warman and M^r Harris reported that they had attended at Dudbridge Wharf in compliance with the minutes of the last Committee and made particular enquiries as to the course which has hitherto been pursued in receiving Goods into the Warehouse, and delivering them out again, and while they cannot recommend the Company to undertake the direct responsibility in regard to the custody of the Goods they suggest that in future the Wharfinger shall regularly enter in a book at the time all goods deposited in the Warehouse and when and to whom they are delivered out, without giving any receipt to Traders which shall implicate the Company in responsibility for safe custody of them but at the same time shall enable the Company to afford to Traders precise information on the subject which has hitherto been wanting.
Ordered that this plan be pursued in future and that the Clerk write to M^r Whiting to inform him of it.
M^r Driver reported that William Daniels was very ill and completely laid aside from his work.
Ordered that in consideration of his length of service with the Company and general good conduct he be allowed half his wages from the 9^th Instant as a gratuity until further orders.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
M^r Harris Law Expenses: 11..1..7
O Camm (Mason): 122..4..7
R^d Smith Pargester: 1..7..20
T Neate Pargester: 0..19..0
W^m Hobbs Smith's Work: 1..0..7

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