Minutes Tue 18 Feb 1862

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Tue 18 Feb 1862


Mr Felix Nurse attended on place of his father, unable to attend from illness. He admitted knowledge of the fraud. Mr James Nurse willing to pay a £10 fine and £15 15s 11d owing on tonnage, and give up possession of house and premises at Dudbridge by 25 February.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 18^th day of February 1862
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r T Marling Chairman, F Eycott, H^y Harris, H H Wilton, C Hooper, G H A Beard, T M Croome, C H Fisher.
M^r Felix Nurse attended the Committee and stated that his Father was unable from illness to attend and had requested him to do so on his behalf.
M^r F Nurse was thereupon asked if he or his Father had any explanations to give of the circumstances alluded to in the Minutes of the last Committee and having replied that they had not; but admitted a knowledge of the frauds complained of. The subject was further considered by the Committee and it was resolved that the Solicitor be instructed to take immediate legal proceedings for recovering the penalties which M^r James Nurse had subjected himself unless on or before Tuesday the 25^th Instant he shall pay the sum of £10 as a consideration for the Tonnages underpaid together with £15..15..11 the amount due from him to the Company for Tonnages since the last settlement and deliver up the Agreement under which he holds the house and premises at Dudbridge Wharf to be cancelled and forgoes all claim for an allowance of £10 a year alluded to in the said agreement and gives up possession of the premised to J^n Cottle on the 25^th Instant.
M^r F Nurse having conveyed the substance of the above resolution to his Father returned and stated to the Committee that his Father was willing to adopt the alternative offered to him and would pay the £25..15..11 deliver up the agreement and give up possession of the premises on the day named.
Bills ordered to be paid:
Income Tax: 32..16..3
F Nurse Stone: 1..3..4

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