Minutes Tue 11 Feb 1862

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Tue 11 Feb 1862


Tickets for all coal and goods landed at any of the wharfs to be shown to wharfingers before discharge of cargo. Also every boat passing wharfs and other places with cargo to be discharged beyond. Penalty to be imposed.
Thomas Hyde, captain of the ‘Mary Ann’, owned by Samuel Rowles and laden with roadstone, to be proceeded against for not producing his ticket unless he pays 10s fine.
Mr James Nurse gave information about coal entered on ticket not landed.
Messrs.Ford required to give statement of coal delivered and reshipped from Ryeford to Dudbridge Wharf without additional tonnage paid for it.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 11^th day of February 1862
Present: M^r F Eycott, M^r H Harris Chairman, J H Warman, T M Croome, G H A Beard, C Hooper, C Hawker.
Resolved that in future the Wharfingers and Agents of the Company as Dudbridge and all other places on the Navigation shall in every case require the Tickets of all Coal and Goods landed at any of the Wharfs or other places on the Navigation to be produced and shown to him before any portion of the Cargo is discharged and also the production of the Ticket for every Boat passing such Wharfs of other places with Cargo to be discharged beyond and in the event of the person in charge of the Boat refusing to produce such Ticket that the Wharfinger or Agent shall read this Minute to him and inform him that the full Penalty under the Act and Bye Law will be enforced against him.
Resolved that Thomas Hyde the Captain of the Mary Ann owned by Samuel Rowles and laden with Road Stone be proceeded against under the Act and Bye Laws for not producing his Ticket to the Wharfinger at Dudbridge on the 25^th January last when required so to do unless the find of 10^s/ demanded of him be paid on or before this day week.
M^r James Nurse attended at the request of the Committee to explain as to certain quantities of Coal having been entered on his Tickets as being put out at places on the Canal short of Dudbridge which the Committee has reason to believe were not landed and M^r Nurse having asked time to give further information,
Resolved that this Meeting be adjourned till Tuesday the 18^th Instant to give him an opportunity of doing it.
Resolved that the Clerk write to Mess^rs Ford requiring them to give a statement of the Coal delivered by them at Dudbridge Wharf having been reshipped from Ryeford without the additional Tonnage being paid for it.
Ordered that the following bills be paid: £ s d
W Knee Road Stone: 11..7..6
J Apperly & C^o Castings: 2..12..4
W^m Burford Mud Boots: 2..2..6

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