Minutes Tue 21 Jan 1862

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Tue 21 Jan 1862


No business other than payment of bills.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 21^st day of January 1862
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r T M Croome Chairman, C Hooper, C H Fisher, H^y Harris, G H A Beard.
Ordered that the next Meeting of the Committee take place on Tuesday 11^th February instead of the usual day.
Ordered that the following bills be paid:
J Elliott Stationery: 10^£..3^s..5^d
J Burrows Plumber: 7..10..7
R^d Williams Stone: 8..18..6
B Brewer Smith's Work: 2..16..3
Smith & Sons: 1..3..1
James Brothers Pargesters: 2..4..0
T Webb Timber: 1..6..0
T Spire Bricks: 1..4..0
S Vick Plumber: 0..6..3
G Perry Carpenter: 1..7..9
J Andrews Smith's Work: 0..6..6
Rich^d Berry Ironmonger: 0..14..9
W Knee Coal Office: 3..15..0
Coal Fund Subscription: 2..0..0
T Liddiatt Pargester: 2..18..3

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