Minutes Tue 30 Sep 1862

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Tue 30 Sep 1862


Mr Lane of Stratford Mills complained of inconvenience and damage caused by surveyor drawing off water for repairs on Saturday 22nd September. without giving notice. The surveyor had informed one of Mr Lane’s captains of intended stoppage. Clerk to express Committee’s regret to Mr Lane.
Wall adjoining bridge over brook at Wallbridge forming boundary of their land to be repaired at Company’s expense.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 30^th day of September 1862
Present: M^r C Hawker, M^r H Harris Chairman, J H Warman, J H Beard, F Eycott, H H Wilton, T Marling, C Hooper, T M Croome, C H Fisher.
A Letter was read from M^r Lane of Stratford Mills complaining of serious inconvenience and damage having been occasioned to him by the Surveyor drawing off the water for repairs on Saturday 22^d Instant without first giving him notice. The Surveyor was called in and his explanation heard when it appeared that he had informed on of M^r Lane's Captains of the intended stoppage and had done what he could to prevent inconvenience and that the fault did not rest with him.
Resolved that the Clerk wait upon M^r Lane and explain the regret of the Committee that it should have happened and give him the Surveyor's explanation of the matter.
Ordered that the wall adjoining the Bridge over the brook at Wallbridge which forms the Boundary of the Company's land there be repaired at the Company's expense.
Ordered that in future meetings of the Committee be held at half past twelve instead of twelve o'clock.
Ordered that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held on Tuesday the 28^th October next at 2 o'clock and the Clerk give the usual notices and that the Meeting of the Committee be hade on the same day at 12.30 o'clock.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid;
N A Partridge Quarter's Salary due 29^th Ins't: 30..0..0
N Driver Quarter's Salary due 29^th Ins't: 20..0..0
J Burbidge Quarter's Salary due 20^h Ins't: 15..0..0
E Cooper Auditor ½ year due 29^th: 7..17..6
General Assemblies Canal Inspection Aug^t 19^th: 8..8..11
S & W Harrison Masons: 13..0..6
Stroud Gas C^o Tar: 0..5..0
Gas Lamps at Dudbridge: 5..0..0

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