Minutes Tue 17 Nov 1863

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Tue 17 Nov 1863


Mr Felix Nurse on or about 18 September had placed on board the ’Atlas’ boat a cargo of coal at Framilode 3 tons of which he had given no account. Penalty of £2 per ton. Mr Nurse attended meeting, stated it was done under misapprehension and expressed regret. Mitigated penalty of 10s only this time.
Thomas Hillman, captain of one of Mr Lane’s barges, before Committee for having damaged masonry of Roving Bridge with his barge. 15s to repair. Reprimanded but passed over on his agreeing to pay half expense and promising to be more careful in future.
Letter from Mr L W Winterbotham seeking on behalf of Stroud Gas Company conversion into fee simple of the leasehold rights and privileges they hold for term of 1000 years under the Company. Counterpart lease dated 19 December 1833 produced and examined. Certain rents reserved and covenants entered into by Gas Company, including covenant to pay one half of expenses in repairing and rebuilding of Gas Works Bridge. It did not appear that such rents had been paid or covenants fulfilled. No objection to granting application but attention of Gas Company called to performance of conditions and reservations of lease.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of November 1863
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r C H Fisher Chairman, H Harris, T M Croome, C Hooper, G H A Beard.
M^r Partridge reported that M^r Felix Nurse had placed on board the "Atlas" Boat on or about the 18^th September last on a cargo of Coals at Framilode 3^Tons,,4^C of Wheat of which he had given no account, Whereby he has incurred a penalty of £2 per Ton. M^r Nurse attended the Committee, and was informed that the penalty would be enforced, but on his stating it was done under a misapprehension and expressing regret for the circumstance He was informed that a mitigated penalty of ten shillings only would be taken this time but that if it happened again the full penalty would be enforced.
Thomas Hillman a Captain of one of M^r Lane's Barges was brought before the Committee for having by carelessness damaged the Masonry on the Roving Bridge in coming up with his Barge which occasioned an expense of fifteen shillings to repair. He was reprimanded by the Committee but under the circumstances it was passed over on his agreeing to pay half the expense and promising to be more careful in future and he paid it accordingly.
A letter for M^r L W Winterbotham was read seeking on behalf of the Stroud Gas Company the conversion into fee simple of he leasehold rights and privileges which they hold for a term of 1000 years under this Company. The Counterpart Lease dated 19^th December 1833 was produced and examined whereby it appeared that certain rents were reserved and Covenants entered into by the Gas Company, including a Covenant to pay one half the expenses attending the repairing and rebuilding of Gas Works Bridge, but it did not appear either that such Rent had been paid or Covenants fulfilled.
Resolved that a reply be made to M^r Winterbotham to the effect that this Company see no objection to the application but at the same time beg to call attention to the Gas Company to the performance of the conditions and reservations of the Lease of 19^th December 1833 which appears to have escaped their attention.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
T Webb Timber: £31..4..3
James Brothers Pargesters: 13..18..0
S^l Nichols Smiths Work: 11.1..2
S & W Harrison Masons: 12..11..4
H Mabbett Carpenter: 6..13..5
R^d Berry Ironmonger: 5..8..7
T Spire Timber: 8..12..9
W Gobey Pargester: 2..8..6
Ja^s Apperly & C^o Castings: -..4..2
Mess^rs Bateman Wine: 1..7..0

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