Minutes Tue 21 Jun 1864

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Tue 21 Jun 1864


Mr Edward Peyton of Frocester assistant surveyor at salary of £65 per annum. Three calendar months’ notice on either side.
Mr Ward complained of charge of weighing his coal. Drawback of six months of amount paid.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 21^st day of June 1864
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r J T Fisher Jr Chairman, C Hooper, G H A Beard, T M Croome.
M^r Edward Peyton of Frocester having applied for the situation of Assistant Surveyor in answer to the Advertisement of May 17^th and having produced satisfactory testimonials, Resolved that he be appointed Assistant Surveyor at a Salary of £65 per annum subject to termination by three Calendar months notice in writing to be given on either side at any time.
Resolved that a Stoppage of the Canal shall take place commencing on the 23^rd of July and ending on the 29^th Ins't the last day inclusive provided that a satisfactory arrangement be made by Mess^rs Beard & Warman with the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway C^o and Mess^rs Ford.
Resolved that the following Bills be paid:
N A Partridge 1 Qr's Salary due June 24^th: £30..-..-
N Driver 1 Qr's Salary due June 24^th: 20..0..0
J Burbidge 1 Q^rs Salary due June 20^th: 15..0..0
[Work at Downfield]
R^d Whittard Carpenter (receipt in full for £101..9): 71..9..0
G Perry Carpenter: 93..12..3
W^m Gobey Pargester: 36..1..5
W^m Knee Various Bills: 132..3..2
S^l Rowles Stone, etc: 22..1..0
O Cam Mason: 19..17..3
Price & C^o Timber: 25..16..0
Tho^s Webb Timber: 68..0..10
S^l Nichols Blacksmith: 5..0..5
W Knee 4^£..10^s & Office Coals 3^£..15^s: 8..5..0
W Hobbs Smith's Work: 2..1..7
Cha^s Critchley - work at Stonehouse Wharf: 0..14..7
M^R Ward having attended and complained of the charge of weighing his coal, Resolved that he be allowed a drawback for six months of the amount paid for Weighing.

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