Minutes Tue 20 Sep 1864

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Tue 20 Sep 1864


Messrs. Marling to be allowed right of road for horses and carts and carriages over towing path from Turnpike road to their new pen on west side of bridge over canal and to piece of land on west side of pen at east corner. Rent of ones. Path to be kept in good repair. Permission ceases when pen no longer used for landing coal.
Land at Chippenham Platt lately occupied by Mr Driver let to Samuel Critchley. Rent £2 per annum.
Mr Peyton stated he was prepared to find a surety of £150 for performance of his duty as surveyor.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20th day of September 1864
Present: Mr J H Warman, Mr J S Fisher Chairman, T M Croome, C R Fisher, G H A Beard, C Hooper.
In compliance with the resolutions and the arrangements entered into with Messrs Marling & Co at the time their Coal Pen at Ryeford was given up and a new Pen was made in lieu thereof it is resolved that Messrs Marling & Co be allowed right of road for horses carts and carriages at all seasonable times over the towing path from the Turnpike road to their new Pen situate on the west side of the Bridge over the Canal and to the piece of land on the West side of the said Pen at the East corner thereof on their paying annually to this Company the rent or sum of one shilling and keeping the said path in good repair such right of road nevertheless to cease and determined when and as soon as the new Coal Pen shall not be used as a place of deposit or landing for coal or Merchandize carried on the said Canal.
Mr Warman reported that he had agreed with Samuel Critchley for the letting of the piece of land at Chippenham Plat lately occupied by Mr Driver for £3 per annum. Tenancy to commence on Michaelmas day.
Mr Peyton attended when he stated he was prepared to find Security in £150 for due performance of his duty as Surveyor.
Resolved that Mr Warman be instructed to prepare Bond on Satisfying himself of the responsibilty of the Society to be named.
Ordered that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held on Thursday the 27th October next at two o'clock and the Clerk to give the usual notices and that the Meeting of the Committee be held on the same day at 12.30 o'clock.
Bills ordered to be paid
N A Partidge 1 Qrs Salary due 29th 30-0-0
N Driver 1 Months balance of 1-19-6
E Peyton 1 month to £5 8 4 2 months £13 6 8 18-5-0
J Burbidge 1 Quarter due 20th 15-0-0
E Cooper ½ year due 29th 7-17-6
General Assemblies 8-7-4
Jo Cox, Timber 14-0-0
Mrd J Lewis 3-15-0
Gas Lights Subscription Dudbridge 5-0-0
W Knee Bricks &c 2-6-0
Richd Whittard Carpenter 1-4-0
James Brothers Payisters 3-10-0
G Ford 1-12-5
N Price 1-5-0

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