Minutes Wed 4 Jan 1809

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Wed 4 Jan 1809


Hannah Lindsey claimed shares nos.13,14,15,52,53,54,55,56,77,78, will of Rev Theophiles Lindsey.

Verbatim text

At Meeting of the Committee of the Stroud water Navigation held at the Committee room at Walbridge on Wednesday the 4^th of January 1809
Present, Benj^n Grazebrook, Nath^l Janes, Jos^h Grazebrook, Will^m Stanton, Rowles Scudamore.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Jos^h Grazebrook attended on behalf of Hannah Lindsey, Widdow of the late Rev^d Theophilus Lindsay of Essex Street London deceased and made out her claim to 10 Shares N^o 13,14,15,52,53,54,55,56,77,78 in the Stroud water Navigation late the property of the said Theophilus Lindsay by producing the Probate of his Will bearing date the 17^th day of June 1801 and duly proved in the Perogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury the 14^th of November 1808 whereby it appears that the said Hannah Lindsay is the sole Executrix and her claim is hereby admitted.
Adjourned this Meeting to Wednesday the 15^th of Feb^y next at two o'Clock in the afternoon at the Committee room at Walbridge.

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