Minutes Tue 27 Aug 1867

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Tue 27 Aug 1867


Stratford Flour Mill Company allowed a drawback of 7d per ton from the current charge of 1s 7d on all corn brought up the canal provided they import 2500 tons annually.
Clerk to offer the following reductions and drawback.
Lane, 2000 tons, 5d from 1s 4d, nett 11d.
Ford, 3500 tons, 4d from 1s 3d, nett 11d.
Sims, 2000 tons, 6d from 1s 6d, nett 1s.
Butt, 600 tons, 6d from 1s 6d, nett 1s.
Mr F Howard given permission to use the Canal with his canoe free of charge.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 27^th day of August 1867
Present: M^R J C Hallewell, W W Kearsey Chairman, T M Croome, G H A Beard, S Phipps.
Stratford Flour Mill Company to be allwed a Drawback of 7^d per Tone form the present charge of 1^s/7^d on all Corn brought up the Canal, provided they import 2500 Tons annually.
Lane, 2000 Tons, /5^d from 1^s/4^d, nett /11^d.
Ford, 3500 Tons, /4 from 1/3, nett /11^d.
Sims, 2000 Tons, /6^d from 1/6, nett 1^s/.
Butt, 600 Tons, /6 from 1/6, nett 1/.
Resolved that the Clerk offer the above reductions and that the same be allowed by way of Drawback.
M^r T Howard applied for permission to use the Canal with his Canoe without drawing water.
Resolved that the same be allowed free of charge.
Bills ordered to be paid: £ s d
J Elliott Stationery: 9..7..0
W Knee R Stone: 10..0..0
S^l Nicholls Smith's Work: 9..8..9
H Howell Smith's Work: 8..11..11
Ford & Smith: 6..11..6
Price & C^o TImber: 5..17..8
R^d Berry Ironmonger: 5..14..5
T S Liddiatt Plasterer: 3..12..0
J Andrews Smith's Work: 0..8..0

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