Minutes Tue 21 Jan 1868

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Tue 21 Jan 1868


Mr Kearsey reported that the action brought by J Clark against Joseph Cottle had been abandoned by the paintiff and the costs paid.
The sub-committee to consider the question of tonnages, and for other purposes, met on 21 December last and, to meet competition from the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway, they recommended various drawbacks and reductions in rent for wharf tenants (details given). These recommendations were confirmed.
Resolved that Mr Kearsey inform Mr Cox that his notice does not discharge his tenancy for his house near the gas works and that notice be given to William Salisbury to quit the adjoining house.
Mr Peyton reported that new gates were required at Framilode lock. Mr Peyton to do whatever is necessary and purchase timber as required.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday teh 21^st day of January 1868
Present: M^r J C Hallewell, W W Kearsey Chairman, G H A Beard, C H Fisher, J T Fisher, J W Wilton*, T Marling.
M^r Kearsey reported that the Action brought by J Clark against Jos^h Cottle has been abandoned by the Plaintiff against the Defendant, and paid the costs.
The Sub Committee to consider the question of Tonnages, and for other purposes, met on the 21^st of December last, and a Report from that Committee was read.
Resolved that the Report be adopted, and confirmed, and entered upon their Minutes.
Copy of Report
The undersigned being a Sub Committee, appointed to consider the question of a general reduction of tonnages, and looing to the various circumstances bearing upon the matter, and in particular, to the permanent injury to the revenue which may hereafter accrue in respect to the direct proper traffic of the Canal, if a general reduction was made, they felt it undesirable to make any such reduction. They were supported in this view by the opinions of M^r C Hawker their late Clerk, and of traders on the Canal, as well as of those of the present Officers of the Canal.
They also felt, that for several reasons they could not recommend any special reduction on the Tonnage of Bullo Coals, But finding that a drawback, of 3^d per Ton has been allowed on Staffordshire Coal at Wallbridge they considered it desirable to make the same allowance at both the Company's Wharves at Dudbridge, at M^r Jefferies' Wharf at Ebley, and also at the Company's Wharves at Ryeford and Stonehouse - not however extending the deduction at the latter place to Staffordshire Coals passing from the Liebye at Stonehouse on to the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway.
Your Committee also considered it desirable, having regard to the present position of coal traffic to Nailsworth, from the Stonehouse Liebye, by means of the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway, to allow a drawback of 4^d per Ton in respect of all coal landed at the Liebye, and carried from thence to Nailsworth by that Railway, until such traffic is placed upon a more satisfactory footing by the reduction of the excessive Railway charges thereon.
Although they were adverse to a general reduction of the tonnages on Coal, your Committee considered, that through the pressure of competition, and the loss in value of their occupation, it was desirable by way of encouraging their traders, who were tenants of premises on certain of their Wharves, to reduce their rents to nominal sums on the conditions after mentioned.
And finding M^r Knee the tenant of premises on the Wharf, had applied to let that Warehouse, and to extend the principle of reduction in rents to that letting. The terms of the several reductions are as follows.
M^r Critchley the tenant of premises on Stonehouse Wharf to pay an annual rent of £1 only, instead of his present rent of £10, if his coal traffic from the Wharf there should equal, or exceed, 1349 tons per annum.
The future tenant of the premises on Dudbridge Wharf now held by M^r George Nurse, but whose tenancy expires on the 25^th instant, to pay an annual rent of £1, instead of the present rent of £20, if his coal traffic from such Wharf should equal or exceed 3000 Tons per annum.
M^r William Knee, the tenant of premises on Wallbridge Wharf, at £25 per annum, to have the Warehouse at £15 per annum in addition, from Christmas next, forming a total rent of £40 per annum from that date, but such rent of £40 to be reduced to £1 per annum, if his coal traffic from such Wharf should equal, or exceed, 4000 tons per annum.
The alteration before mentioned to take effect from the 25^th of December instant.
Your Committee did not feel it necessary, or desirable, to make any other alterations in Tonnages than there before specified.
Resolved that M^r Kearsey inform M^r Cox that his Notice does not discharge his tenancy for his house, near the Gas Works; and that Notice be given M^r W^m Salisbury to quit the adjoining house.
Bills ordered to be paid: £ s d
C Harrison Mason's Work: 7..0..9
J Elliott Stationery: 5..16..0
W Knee Office Coal: 3..15..0
N A Partridge Petty Cash: 2..3..3.
M^r Peyton the Surveyor reported that new Gates were required at the Framilode Lock.
Resolved that he do what is necessary and purchase what timber is required.

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