Minutes Thu 22 Feb 1877

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Thu 22 Feb 1877


Mr Croome to submit a definite written proposal at the next general meeting regarding the judgement debt on the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway Co.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Thursday the 22^nd day of February 1877 at 3,o,clock pm adjourned from the 15^th inst to consider the course to be taken with reference to the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway Cos judgement debt.
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr J T Stanton, Major Fisher, Mr C H Hooper, Mr E C Little, Mr S Phipps, Mr W W Kearsey, Mr J T Fisher, Mr T Marling.
[45] At the adjourned meeting held this day the attention of the Committee having been directed to the minute passed at the Meeting held on the 21^st day of September last, and confirmed by the General Meeting held on the 26^th day of October last it appeared that the Committee was not in a position to deal with the proposal made at the last meeting by Mr Croome as to the judgement debt of the Stonehouse and Nailsworth Railway. It was resolved that if Mr Croome would submit a definate written proposal to the Clerk which he (Mr Croome) considers likely to be accepted; A General Meeting should be at once called to consider it.
Ordered that a copy of this Resolution be at once sent to Mr Croome.
Cheque drawn:
Messrs Kearsey & Parsons: £20..19..11

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