Minutes Thu 15 Aug 1878

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Thu 15 Aug 1878


Mr Evans’ tender for £70 accepted for building new boat, excluding all extras, by 1 December 1878. Mr Evans to take the old boat for £3.
Mr Kearsey to prepare documents for the surrender of Mr Richard Williams’ tenancy of the messuage and other properties at Dudbridge Wharf, and the tenancy of the same to Mr Edward Stephens of Lydney, Coal Merchant.
Upon receipt of Counsel’s (Mr Glen’s) Opinion that the Company is liable for repairs over the bridges in the Wheatenhurst parish, it was resolved that the Company would acquiesce for so long as the law remains unaltered. In respect of Mr Vizard’s letter proposing that the Highway Board carry out the repairs and charge the Company, it was resolved that the Company agreed to the request for one year.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting at Wallbridge on Thursday the 15^th day of August 1878 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr J T Stanton, Mr S Phipps, Mr T M Croome, Mr C H Hooper, Mr J T Fisher, Mr W W Keasey, Mr T Marling.
[4] Resolved that the tender sent in by Mr Evans for building a New Ice Boat, amounting to £70. be accpeted, having words in the Contract to exclude all extras and provide that the boat shall be completed fit for use and to the satisfaction of the Companys Surveyor not later than the 1^st day of December 1878. On the completion and acceptance of the New Boat Mr Evans to take the old one giving £5 for the same.
[30} In respect to the application of Mr Edward Stephens of Lydney Coal Merchant for the tenancy of the (?) and other premises at Dudbridge wharf held by Mr Richard Williams,
Resolved that Mr Stephens' application be accepted and that a Demise to him as from the 24^th day of June last (on the surrender by Mr Williams of his holding) to be prepared by Mr Kearsey the Solicitor of the Company and to be executed free of expense to the Company, be mad, and that the seal of the Company be affixed thereto in duplicate after the same has been respectively executed by the said Richard Williams and the said Edward Stephens.
[26] The opinion of Mr Glen, of the 23^rd July 1878 with reference to the liability of this Company to the repair of the parish Highways of the Wheatenhurst Board over the fabric of the Bridges of this Company, carrying such Highways having bee read, and he having the opinion that such repairs should be done by this Company. It was Resolved that such opinion be acquiesced in so long as the law remains unaltered.
And a letter from Mr Vizard Clerk of the Highway Board proposing that the Board should do the repairs over such Parish Bridges and charge the Company with the cost of doing as they did the County with respect of County Bridges for which the County was liable, It was Resolved that this proposition be agreed to for one year.

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