Minutes Thu 19 Feb 1880

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Thu 19 Feb 1880


William Henry Marling, Henry Playne and Charles Edward Sheppard claimed share nos.26,70,72,99,100,105,147,152,154,174,176,179,188,194,195, will of Thomas Marling. Thomas Marling was also joint owner of shares no. 36,47,112,160 with S S Marling and W H Marling.
Because of the absence of Mr Croome through illness, the draft case prepared by Mr Ellett to be placed before the Committee at the next meeting.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Thursday the 19^th day of February 1880 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr Phipps, Mr J T Stanton, Mr E C Little, Mr J T Fisher.
[32] Mr William James Snape, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation attended on behalf of and under a written Authority from William Henry Marling of Stanley House nr Stonehouse in the County of Gloucester Esquire, and Henry Playne of the Downs Minchinhampton in the same County Esquire, and Charles Edward Sheppard of No 6 Queen Street Gloucester Gentleman, being executors under the Will of the late Thomas Marling, formerly of Claremont House, but afterwards of Horton Court, both in the City of Gloucester (who died on the 11^th day of November 1879) and made out their claim to fifteen shares numbered respectively 26, 70, 72, 99, 100, 105, 147, 152, 174, 176, 179, 188, 194, and 195 of the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation and now standing in the name of the said Thomas Marling deceased in the Books of the said Company of Proprietors, by producing the Probate of the Will of the said Thomas Marling deceased bearing date the 14^th day of December 1875 and proved in the District Registry attached to the probate division of Her Majestys High Court of Justice in Gloucester on the 16^th day of December 1879.
And the claim was admitted accordingly and new tickets ordered to be made out on the tickets or titles of the said Thomas Marling deceased being delivered up.
Evidence was produced of the death of Thomas Marling joint owner of shares no 36, 47, 112 and 160 with S S Marling and W H Marling.
Thames & Severn & Stroudwater Canal Cos "Toll cases"
[53] The draft prepared by Mr Elliott on behalf of the Thames & Severn Canal Company was placed before the Committee, by was not gone into in consequence of the absence of Mr Croome through illness.
The Clerk was ordered to place the same before the Committee at the next Meeting.
Cheques drawn:
From Canal Revenue a/c: £ s d
Messrs Webb & Spring "Timber": 23..16..9
James Perry "Repairs to Buildings, etc": 7..12..4
[Total] £31..9..1.
From Stonehouse & Nailsworth Rway Cos Judgement debt:
Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co (hire of Steam Dredger): £114..16..0

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