Minutes Tue 20 Dec 1887

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Tue 20 Dec 1887


Mr Hooper thought rebuilding of wing wall at Stonehouse Wharf should be deferred, considering time of yea,r but materials should be procured.
Application by Stroud Water Co. for permission to lay pipes on or across canal bridges at Ryeford and Dudbridge. Annual rent to company 10s. Draft agreement approved, all costs paid by Water Company.
Mr Pitt of Cainscross to pay 2s 6d for taking water from canal.
Agreement with Mr Hooper as to supply of water to him at Bond’s Mill.
Debt of £1 13s 4d due from Messrs Egelstaff & Sons. Clerk had written to Messrs Tribe Clarke & Co. of Bristol as to sale of stone on wharf at Wallbridge for liquidation of debt. Clerk to effect sale. Charge of £5 for wharfage.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th December 1887 @ 3.o.clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr E P Little, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr E F Gyde.
[4] The Clerk reported that Mr Hooper had seen the "Wing Wall" referred to in the Minutes of the last Meeting, who thought considering the time of year that the rebuilding had better be deferred, but that the necessary materials might be procured in readiness for the work. The Chairman also produced a letter he had received from Mr Hooper on the subject.
[7] The Clerk handed the Committee a letter from Mr Kimmins respecting the slip at Ryeford.
[4 & 31] A application having been made by the Stroud Water Co for permission to lay their pipes over or across the Canal Bridges at Ryeford and Dudbridge, the plans having been produced with a draft of the Agreement it was proposed the Co should enter into, it was resolved that 10/- should be the Annual rent payable by the Co for crossing each Bridge and that a draft Agreement which had been prepared by Mr Hamilton Mills on behalf of the Canal Navigation be approved of, all costs attending the same being paid by the Water Company.
[50] The Clerk was directed to apply to Mr Pitt of Cainscross for the payment of 2/6 for taking water from the Canal.
[51] The Seal was affixed to the Agreement with Mr Hooper as to the supply of water to him at Bond's Mill.
[53] The debt due from Messrs Egelstaff & Sons of £1..13..4 being unpaid the Clerk reported that he had written to Messrs Tribe Clarke & Co of Bristol as to the sale of certain stone lying upon the Wharf at Wallbridge for liquidation of the debe with wharfage charges and, handed a letter from them approving of the same, whereupon the Clerk was directed to effect a sale and to charge £5 for wharfage.
1887 Cheques drawn: £ s d
Decr 20^th: Stroud Hospital: 2..2..0
Decr 24^th: W^m James Snape: 37..10..0
M N Peyton: 10..8..0
H Fallows: 9..10..0
[Total] £69..10..0

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