Minutes Tue 20 Mar 1888

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Tue 20 Mar 1888


Sir W H Marling had seen Mr Kimmins re drain from WC vault at Ryeford and lipping of bank into canal, necessity for it to be piled by Mr Kimmins.
Sub-committee to inspect property of Thames & Severn Canal Co: Sir W H Marling, Mr C H Hooper and Mr Hamilton Mills.
Injunction in consequence of Stroud Water Co. having defiantly laid their pipes over Ryeford Bridge.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of March 1888 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr E P Little, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper, Mr E F Gyde.
[26] Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Tuesday the 24^th day of April next at 3,o,clock pm and the General Half-yearly Meeting at 3.30 pm on the same day.
[16 & 7] Sir W H Marling reported that he had seen Mr Kimmins respecting the drain from the WC vault at Ryeford, who promised to see to it, and some remarks having been made respecting the slipping of the Bank into the Canal and the necessity for its being piled by Mr Kimmins a notice was directed to be given him that he would be held responsible for any damage that might arise either to the traffic or otherwise by reason of such slipping.
[44] Mr Hamilton Mills read the reply he had made to Mr Waddy's letter, with an answer from the latter and informed the Committee of an interview he had with Mr Waddy, whereupon a Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairman, Si W H Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper and Mr Hamilton Mills was appointed to inspect the property generally of the Thames and Severn Canal, and the Clerk was directed to apply for permission to the Secretary of that Company to view it.
[56] The Chairman reported the action he had thought it advisable to instruct Mr Hamilton Mills to take for an injunction in consequence of the Stroud Water Company having defiantly laid their pipes over Ryeford Bridge and Mr Mills having explained the position of the matter, the Committee unanimously approved the course the Chairman had thought it advisable to adopt.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
W^m James Snape: £7..10..0
M N Peyton: 10..8..0
Hy Fallows: 19..10..0
[Total] £67..8..0

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