Minutes Tue 19 Jun 1888

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Tue 19 Jun 1888


Mr Hooper reported on second inspection of Thames & Severn Canal, Lechlade to Siddington on 30 March. Further reaches Lechlade towards Latton and Cricklade in better condition than expected. To Cerney and Liddington difficult of navigation. Accumulation of mud and weeds. Lock gates and masonry in bad condition. Failure to retain water in pounds. Lack of water supply from summit level arising from leakage there. At Cricklade Great Western Railway Co charge Mr F Hewer 3d per ton wharfage on all coal brought by canal, coal brought by rail wharfage free. Certain amount of canal coal traffic practicable, but policy of Great Western Railway Co to extinguish it. Necessity of practicable egress to and through Thames so that traders may make use of canal as a link to canal system. Thames Conservancy should remove obstacles.
Mr Walter John Stanton expressed opinion that no considerable sum could be entertained as the value of Thames and Severn property. Uncertainty of outlay necessary for repairs and of traffic obtainable.
Captain of boat reported by Mr Hooper as seen on Whit Monday manned by only two children and running into Bond’s Mill Bridge, explained circumstances. Cautioned.
Mr Knight agreed to pay 1s p.a. for 6 windows overlooking Company’s property.
Piling at Ryeford completed at cost of £4 15s 1d to Mr Kimmins.
Sidney Smith, cottager at Ryeford, claimed for fruit trees cut down in his garden during work. He is to look to landlord Mr Kimmins for compensation. Counter claim for injury to a boundary stone waived.
Repairs to wall at Stonehouse Wharf Bridge completed.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of June 1888 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr E P Little, Mr Jno Howard, Mr W J Stanton, Mr A J M Ball, Mr W^m Davies junr, Mr G H A Beard, Major Fisher, Mr E F Gyde.
[44] Mr Hooper as he only member present of the sub-Committee, appointed for the purpose, reported that the 2^nd inspection of the Thames & Severn Canal, being of the upper section from Lechlade to Siddington, took place on the 30^th May. The general impression produced in the minds of the Committee was that the further reaches from Lechlade towards Latton and Cricklade were with some exceptions in better condition, wider and deeper than they had expected, but that the subsequent portion to Cerney and Siddington was difficult of Navigation, not only from accumulation of mud and weeds, so that the depth of water was only frm 2'-10" to 3'-9", but that in many cases the Lock gates and masonry were in bad condition and failed to retain the water in the pounds.
It seems that nearly a foot of water height was lost by lack of water supply from the summit level arising apparently from its leakage there.
At Cricklade the Committee learned that the Great Western Railway Company charge Mr F Hewer 3^d per ton wharfage upon all Coal brought by the Canal while Coal brought there by Rail is wharfage free, pointing to the fact that a certain amount of Canal Coal traffic is practicable, as well as the policy of the Great Western to extinguish it. But the point which the Committee regard as essential to the question is the necessity of practicable egress to and through the Thames, so that traders may make use of the Canal as a link in the Canal system, for which it is requisite that the Thames Conservancy should remove such obstacles as now exist with them.
Mr Walter John Stanton, who accompanied the sub-Committee, confirmed the Chairman's remarks and expressed his opinion that no considerable sum could be entertained as the value of the Thames & Severn property, in view of the uncertainty of the outlay necessary for repairs, and of the traffic obtainable.
[4] The Captain of the Boat, which was reported by Mr Hooper, as having been seen by him on Whitmonday manned by only two children, and running into Bond's Mill Bridge, had explained the circumstances, and the Committee allowed the matter to pass with a caution.
[31] Mr Knight who has erected a building at Dudbridge agreed to pay one shilling per Annum for six windows overlooking the Company's property.
[7] The Clerk reported that the piling at Ryeford for which Mr J C C Kimmins agreed to pay the Company Five pounds that they might execute the work on this account, had been completed at an actual cost of £4..15..1.
[54] Sidney Smith a cottager at Ryeford, attended as to a claim for fruit trees cut down in his Garden, during the above work, and it was explained to him that it has been done by Mr Kimmin's sanction, to whom, as his landlord he must look for compensation. A counter claim for injury to a Boundary stone the Committee waived.
[4] The Clerk reported that the repairs to the wall at Stonehouse wharf Bridge had been completed.
Cheques drawn:
W^m James Snape: 37..10..0
M N Peyton: 10..8..0
Hy Fallows: 19..10..0
[Total] £67..8..0

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