Minutes Tue 21 Aug 1888

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Tue 21 Aug 1888


Report on interview between Sir W H Marling, Mr Walter Stanton and Mr Hamilton Mills and Great Western Railway, 8 August. £2000 or £3000 suggested price for purchase of Thames and Severn Canal. GWR declined but requested another offer, and promised to send detailed statement of property of Thames and Severn, income and expenditure.
Cases of illness among servants should be reported to the Committee.
Mr William Knee enquired as to tonnage charges on goods to and from Thames and Severn Canal. To submit enquiry in writing.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 21^st day of August 1888 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little, Mr H H Mills, Sir W^m Hy Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper, Mr G H A Beard, Mr Jno Howard, Mr W^m Davies junr, Mr E P Little.
[44] The Chairman reported upon the interview he with Sir W H Marling, Mr Walter J Stanton and Mr Hamilton Mills had had with the Great Wester Railway Directors on the 8^th inst which resulted in the Chairman suggesting a sum of £2000 or £3000 for the purchase of the Thames and Severn Canal. This the Directors declined, but asked the Deputation to submit an offer to them and promised for the guidance of the Committee of the Stroudwater Canal to supply a statement in detail of the property of the Thames and Severn Canal and of its income and expenditure.
[7] It was resolved that when cases of illness arose amongst the Servants of the Canal Co they should from time to time be reported to the Committee for consideration as to the payment of wages during illness.
[46] Mr William Knee attended to make enquiries as to the tonnage charges on goods to and from the Thames & Severn Canal and the Clerk was instructed to write to him stating that if he would submit in writing any complaint respecting the same, enquiries would be made into it.

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