Minutes Tue 19 Feb 1889

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Tue 19 Feb 1889


Cainscross Cooperative Society arranged occupation of part of Sir William Marling’s coal pen at Ryeford.
Zaccheus Whiting of Eastington Wharf to pay £3 p.a. for stable. If outlay exceeded £60, additional 5% on excess.
Crane at Dudbridge broken by use for Marling & Co. Sir William Marling claimed on Canal Company for damage to their boiler.
Letters from Great Western Railway Co regarding Thames and Severn Canal. Interview arranged.
10s per week to Peter Daniels continued.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge office on Tuesday the 19^th day of February 1889 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr A J M Ball, Mr Jno Howard, Sir W H Marling Bart.
[28] The Clerk stated that the Cainscross Co-operative Society had arranged with Sir W H Marling for the occupation of a part of his Coal pen at Ryeford and this Sir William confirmed.
[2] Mr Hamilton Mills was requested to prepare a memorandum by way of consent on the part of Zaccheus Whiting of Eastington wharf to pay £3 a year for the Stale which Mr Hooper has approved of and if the outlay exceeded £6- an additional 5 per cent on the excess.
[12 & 11] Letters form the G W Rway Co regarding the Thames & Severn Canal and an interview requested which Sir W H Marling, the Chairman (Mr E C Little) & Mr Hamilton Mills arranged to comply with on the 21^st instant for which purpose free passes to and from Paddington had been supplied.
[7] The allowance of 10/- per week to Peter Daniels was continued until the next Meeting.
Cheques drawn:
Vizard & Co: 4..2..0
O Cam: 8..10..0
Mr Cannon "Income Tax": 18..16..2
[Total] £31..8..2

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