Minutes Tue 22 Apr 1890

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Tue 22 Apr 1890


Letter to Mr Sibly as to osiers planted in canal at Stonehouse. Mr Sibly’s reply.
Drain from Cainscross Road terminated in Mr Baxter’s fields where silt distributed on pasture. It was recently continued so as to empty direct into canal. Ordered to see Town Surveyor with view to placing catch pit and intercept silt.
Mr Chandler, tenant of Stonehouse Court Farm, applied that Company should fence off piece of ground lately purchased.
Mr Kimmins recently connected with canal a boathouse erected by him at Ebley. Charge 5s p.a.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 22^nd day of April 1890 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr W^m Davies, Mr E P Little, Mr E F Gyde.
The various accounts, books and vouchers signed by Mr Sturge the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced and passed.
The Treasurers Book was produced examined and Signed by the Chairman.
[21] The Solicitor of the Company explained that he had been prevented by circumstances from attending the last meeting of the Stroud Gas Co as to the water taken from the Canal but undertook to attend the next meeting without fail.
[7] The Clerk produced copy of his letter to M^r Sibly as to the Osiers planted in the Canal at Stonehouse and Mr Siblys reply. He was instructed to see Mr Sibly on the matter.
[16] The Clerk reported that a drain from the Cainscross Road, which hitherto had terminated in a field at M^r Baxters so as that the silt was distributed on the pasture, had recently been continued so at to empty direct into the Canal. He was ordered to see the Town Surveyor, with a view to placing a catch pit so as to intersept the silt before it leaves the read.
[18] M^r Chandler the Tenant of Stonehouse Court Farm having applied that the Company should fence off the piece of ground lately purchased, the matter was ordered to stand over until the next meeting of the Committee.
[31] The Clerk reported that M^r Kimmins had recently connected with the Canal a Boathouse erected by him at Ebley. He was instructed to see M^r Kimmins and to inform him that the charge of the Company for such accommodation is 5^S/ per annum.

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