Minutes Tue 16 Feb 1892

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Tue 16 Feb 1892


£50 for deposit of Classification and Schedule of Tolls.
Mr George Pegler of Nastend Farm, Eastington, to be tenant at £10 p.a. of Wharf House at Dudbridge from 25 March.
Premises at Dudbridge to be let. Office, stable and part of canal wharf.
Oliver Sittington recovered from illness. Full wages to recommence from 12 February.
Length of canal measured by Mr Moore from Ordnance map is 7 miles 7 furlongs 4 chains 15 links.
Notice to John Smith, carpenter, Eastington, to terminate services on 25 March and to give up house.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 16^th day of February 1892 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr C H Hooper, Mr E P Little, Mr Jno Howard, Mr H H Mills.
The Chairman stated that the Board of Trade had insisted upon the payment of £50 upon the deposit of the proposed Classification and Schedule of Tolls, etc, and that he had accordingly drawn a cheque upon the General Account for that amount which had been duly remitted. It was resolved that at their next meeting the Committee should determine whether this payment should be charged to the Reserve Fund or to income.
Mr George Pegler of Nast End Farm Eastington was accepted as tenant at 10£ a year of the wharf House at Dudbridge from the 25^th March next and an agreement was ordered to be prepared accordingly.
The Clerk was directed to advertise the premises at Dudbridge be let consisting of the Office, Stables and part of Canal wharf.
The agreements with Mr G Harris and Mr Thomas Clerk were Sealed.
The Duplicate Agreement with Mr C H Hooper was produced, duly signed by him, the Agreement having been previously Signed by the Chairman and exchanged for the duplicate.
It was determined that owing to the recovery from illness of Oliver Sitlington that his full wages should recommence from the 12^th inst with occupancy of Cottage.
The length of the Canal as measured by Mr Moore from the Ordnance map was shown to be 7^Miles 7^fur 4^chn 15^links.
Notice was directed to be given to John Smith (Carpenter) Eastington to terminate his services with the Company on the 25^th March next and that he give up the House at Eastington now in his occupation and that the same be advertised to be let from that date.
The Canal Towing path was stopped to the Public as ordered at the Committee Meeting held on the 15^th December 1891.

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