Minutes Tue 20 Mar 1894

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Tue 20 Mar 1894


At meeting in Gloucester resolution passed that Hon. Secretary, Mr Hubert Waddy should ask Board of Trade course intended to be taken with T&S Canal. Associated Navigations to consider means for restoration and maintenance of Canal, if handed over promptly free of cost.
Mr Pelham’s draft of Schedule of Tolls to be submitted to Board of Trade. Request for observations. Maximum rate of 1d per ton per mile. Chiarman and Sir W Marling had interview with Mr Pelham. Request for more favourable terms to be considered.
Thames & Severn Canal Co submitted no schedule in accordance with provisions of Railway & Canal Traffic Act 1888. Mr Pelham drew up provisional Schedule.
Letter from Mansion House Association on Railway & Canal Traffic. Clerk to reply.
Clerk to purchase oak for new pair of bottom gates at Double Locks, half from Messrs King & Scarborough, half from Mr Mortimer of Ebley at 4s 3d per cubic foot.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of March 1894 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper, Mr E P Little, Mr W^m Davies.
Resolved that the Half-yearly meeting be held on Tuesday the 24^th April @at 3.30pm with the ordinary Meeting at 3,o,clock previously.
The Chairman reported the he with Mr Hooper and the Clerk attended the Meeting in Gloucester on teh 23^rd ult when a resolution was passed "that the Hon Secretary (Mr Hubert Waddy) be requested to ask the Board of Trade to state what course the Board intend to take with reference to the Thames & Severn Canal in pursuance of the promise made to the Deputation on the 10^th January last, and that he intimate that the associated Navigations will endeavour to concert means for the restoration and maintenance of this Canal, if the Canal can promptly be handed over to them free of Cost", and a copy of a letter, from the Board of Trade dated the 9^th March was read acknowledging the receipt of such resolution, with copy of another letter dated 12^th Jany 1894, on the same subject, to the Thames & Severn Canal Co.
The Clerk produced a letter of 3^rd March from Mr Pelham enclosing draft of Schedule of Tolls, etc, he proposed to submit to the Board of Trade and asking for any observations the Canal Co might wish to make respecting his draft proposals, with a further suggestion for an interview with him if thought desirable. As the proposals limited the Toll to the maximum rate of 1^d per ton per mile, the Chairman reported that he with Sir W H Marling and Mr H Hamilton Mills has sought for, and procured an interview with Mr Pelham, when they pressed upon him more favourable terms for the Canal Co, which he (Mr Pelham) promised to consider.
The Clerk also shewed the Committee a letter of 9^th March from Mr Pelham in which he stated the Thames and Severn Canal Co had submitted no Schedule in accordance with the provisions of the Railway and Canal Traffic Act 1888 & that he had drawn up a provisional Schedule which he invited the Stroudwater Canal Co to consider, & if necessary to make any objection to it, whereupon the Committee unanimously resolved that no objected be made to such Schedule.
Also a letter from the Mansion House Association on Railway and Canal Traffic on the same subject to which similar resolution was passed with instructions to the Clerk to intimate to the Secretary of that association the resolution of this Committee.
Orders were given to the Clerk for purchasing the Oak required for making a new pair of bottom gates at the Double Locks, on half from Mesrs King & Scarboroug ans the other half from Mr Mortimer of Ebley at 4/3 per cube ft.

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