Minutes Tue 19 Feb 1895

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Tue 19 Feb 1895


Licence to Mr Richard Chapman to assign lease of Ship Inn Wallbridge to Messrs John King and Frederick Worsey.
Deputation from Stonehouse Parochial Committee re drain at Ryeford closed by order of Canal Co. Mr Sibly alleged stopping of drain prejudicial to health of occupants of one of the houses. Sought permission for opening of drain. Undertaking by Mr Sibly that it should not prejudice rights of either party. Drain opened by Mr Sibly and Mr Kimmins. Sewage passing into canal from school without permission.
Messrs Garnier & Co of Bridgend complained of charge of 7½d per ton canal dues for coal landed at Stonehouse Wharf. Used to be charged 6d.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of February 1895 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little (Chairman), Mr H Hamilton Mills Solicitor, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper, Mr W P Little, Mr A B Hooper, Mr S S Marling.
The Chairman reported that on the 7^th Febry (four members of the Committee being present) the Seal of the Co was affixed to a licence to Mr Richard Chapman to assign the Lease of the Ship Inn Wallbridge to Messrs John King and Fredrick Worsey.
He also reported that pursuant to a request from Mr Sibly as Chairman of the Stonehouse Parochial Committee, that the Canal Co should receive a small deputation of that Committee with respect to a certain drain at Ryeford which had been closed by order of the Canal Co -- a deputation consisting only of Mr Sibly waited upon the Committee on the 7^th inst when in consequence of its being alleged by Mr Sibly that the stopping of one of the drains had been pronounced by the Sanitary Inspector to be prejudicial to the health of the occupants of one of the Houses, permission was given for the re-opening of the drains, upon an undertaking being given by Mr Sibly to the Canal Co that this permission should not prejudice the rights of either party, and this undertaking was accordingly given by Mr Sibly by memorandum or letter of the 11^th Febry instant. The Clerk (Mr Snape) reported that he had met Mr Sibly and Mr Kimmins at Ryeford on the 9^th Februray when Messrs Sibly & Kimmins pointed out a drain which they wished to reopen, and upon his (Mr Snape) enquiring as to the drain from the School into the Canal, Mr Kimmins that it had been opened and that the Sewage was passing into the Canal without the permission of the Canal Co.
A letter from Messrs Garnier & Co of Bridgend was read in which they complained of the charge of 7½^d per ton Canal dues for Coal landed at Stonehouse wharf instead of 6^d before, the matter was discussed and the Clerk instructed to enquire into the difference between Railway and Canal Charges and to reply to Messrs Garnier that the complaint they had made should receive early attention.

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