Minutes Tue 16 Jul 1895

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Tue 16 Jul 1895


Annual inspection on 10 June by Chairman, E C Little, C H Hooper and S. S. Marling.
Swing bridge at Lodgemore required splicing of 3 beams and part replanking.
Inspected new bottom gates at the Double Locks, new retaining wall at the Pike Lock, Eastington, canal yard shops and stores at Eastington, weir near Westfield Lock and mewly erected fence of coal pen at Bristol Road Wharf.
Satisfactory state of canal and property.
Royal Assent given to Thames & Severn Canal Trust Act 1895. First meeting at offices of Company at Brimscombe.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbrdige on Tuesday the 16^th July 1895 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr C H Hooper, Mr W^m Davies, Mr E P Little, Sir W^m Hy Marling Bart.
The Members of the Committee inspecting the Canal on the 10^th June last Consisted of the Chairman (Mr E Caruthers Little), Mr C H Hooper, Mr W J Stanton & Mr S Stanley Marling.
Their attention was first directed to the Swing Bridge at Lodgemore which required the splicing of 3 beams and part replanking.
They then inspected the new bottom gates at the Double Locks, the new retaining wall at the Pike Lock Easington, the Canal Yard shops and stores at Eastington as well as he Weir near Westfield Lock which had recently been reconstructed.
Thence they proceeded to the Bristol Road wharf and viewed the newly erected fence (forming the Coal pen) and the other work ordered to be done at the last inspection.
The Lock, Pier Walls, etc, at Framilode were also inspected, and the Weir which had been rebuilt near the Saud Bridge in the Framilode Pound.
The inspection Committee can speak confidently of the satisfactory state which the Canal and Property generally were in.
At the Meeting held as above Mr E P Little (on behalf of Mr H Hamilton Mills) stated that the Royal assent had been given to the Thames & Severn Canal Trust Act 1895. In the 8^th Sec of that Act the first Meeting was directed to be held at the Offices of the Company at Brimscombe on the 4^th Thursday after the passing of the Act and accordingly Thursday the 1^st August was appointed the day of such Meeting of which due notice would be given and copies of the Act forwarded to the several Members of the Canal Trust who were named in the 1^st Schedule of the Act.

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