Minutes Tue 20 Aug 1895

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Tue 20 Aug 1895


Committee of Management for Thames and Severn Canal Trust set up. Mr Charles Henry Hooper, Stroudwater Navigation, Sir W H Marling, Mr Hubert Waddy, Sharpness New Docks & Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Co, Mr Thomas Southall, Severn Commissioners, Mr William John Ainsworth, Wilts & Berks Canal Co, Mr Hugh William Russell, County Council of Berkshire, Mr Wilfred Joseph Cripps, County Council of Glos, Mr Henry Mousell, Mayor, Aldermen and citizens of City of Gloucester.
Mr Snape, Clerk to Stroudwater Canal to undertake certain duties relating to Canal Trust Act. Salary £50 p.a.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of April 1895 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Mr C H Hooper, Mr W^m Davies, Mr A J M Ball, Mr E P Little, Mr A B Hooper, Sir W H Marling Bart.
The Chairman stated that pursuant to the 8^th clause of the Thames and Severn Canal Trust Act 1895 the first Meeting of the Trustees (of which three members representing this Company & many other members of the new Trust were present) was duly head at Brimscombe Canal Office on Thursday the 1^st day of August instant, when a Committee of Management pursuant with Sec 9 of the Canal Trust Act, consisting of the following members, was appointed, "viz":
Mr Charles Henry Hooper, on behalf of the Stroudwater Navigation.
Sir W^m Hy Marling Bart, & Mr Hubert Waddy on behalf of The Sharpness New Docks. & Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Co.
Mr Thomas Southall, on behalf of the Severn Commissioners.
Mr William John Ainsworth on behalf of The Wilts & Berks Canal Co.
Mr Hugh William Russell on behalf of The County Council of Berkshire.
Mr Wilfred Joseph Cripps on behalf of The County Council of Gloucestershire.
Mr Henry Mousell on behalf of The Mayor, Aldermen and Citizends of the City of Gloucester in the County of the City of Gloucester,
and at the same Meeting Mr H Hamilton Mills was appointed Clerk (pro tem) and the County of Gloucester Bank, Stroud, Bankers, to such Trust.
Sir W^m Marling as Chairman of the Committee of Management informed the Meeting that, that Committee had intimated a desire that Mr Snape the Clerk to the Stroudwater Canal Co should undertake at a Salary of £50 a year certain duties relating to the Canal Trust Act, of which this Committee approved.

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