Minutes Tue 17 Sep 1895

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Tue 17 Sep 1895


Mr Blunsdon of Bridge Inn, Ebley, had not paid 2s 6d water charge.
Messrs Baines & Chadborn, canal carriers of Gloucester, asked for allowance of 2s 8d on charge of 18s 8d toll on stone delivered at Stonehouse Wharf for Wheatenhurst Highway Board. Board offered use of portion of wharf at £1 p.a to remove need for wharfage charge.
Mr Trower of Parkland, Whitminster, charged 5s for taking water from spring or trough at Whitminster wharf owned by Company.
Complaint by Parish Council of Moreton Valence re defective state of valve at north end of Company’s culvert under canal at Saul Bridge.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th September 1895 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Mr C H Hooper, Mr A J M Ball, Mr W J Stanton.
Mr Brunsden at the Bridge Inn, Ebley had not paid the 2/6 Water charge. Mr Hamilton Mills was requested to take steps to enforce payment,
Messr Barnes & Chadborn, Canal Carriers of Gloucester having asked for an allowance of 2/8 on a charge of 18/8 for the Toll paid by them on stone delivered at Stonehouse Wharf for the Wheatenhurst Highway Board, being the wharfage charged in accordance with the revised rates the Clerk was directed to inform Mr Savage who represented as Surveyor that Board that the Committee will be willing to allow the Board the use of a portion of Stonehouse Wharf upon payment of £1 a year which would free the Board from wharfage charges.
Mr Trower of Parkland, Whitminster having demured to the charge of 5/- made upon him for taking water from the Spring or trough at Whitminster wharf the Clerk was directed to inform him that the charge was perfectly correct as the Spring was the property of the Canal Co.
A complaint having been made by the Parish Council of Moreton Valance of the defective state of the Valve at the North end of the Companies culvert running under the Canal at Saul Bridge, and requesting that it might be put into repair, the Clerk was directed to have it repaired.

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